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ITS HAB talks about staying true to his roots

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ITS HAB talks about staying true to his roots

ITS HAB is a rising star in the rap world, and he’s making waves with his honest lyrics and infectious beats. Hailing from Broward County, Florida, ITS HAB has been making music for a few years now, and he’s quickly gained a following thanks to his unique sound and relatable lyrics.

One of the things that sets ITS HAB apart from other artists is his commitment to staying true to his roots. In a recent interview, he talked about how important it is for him to represent where he comes from in his music. “I feel like Broward County doesn’t get the recognition it deserves,” he said. “So, I want to put my city on the map and show people what we’re all about.”

ITS HAB’s commitment to his hometown is evident in his music, which often touches on the struggles and triumphs of growing up in Broward County. In tracks like “Pressure” and “Spirits,” he talks about the challenges of navigating a tough environment and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Despite the tough subject matter, ITS HAB’s music is anything but bleak. His beats are upbeat and infectious, and his flow is smooth and effortless. With new music on the way, including a song with Rylo Rodriguez and a tape, fans of ITS HAB have a lot to look forward to.

ITS HAB’s music is proof that you can stay true to your roots and still make it big in the music world. By staying true to himself and representing Broward County in his music, ITS HAB is making a name for himself and putting his hometown on the map. Keep up to date with ITS HAB on Instagram and check out his Spotify for all releases!

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