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A Quick Chat With Santana Ramsey of Santana Aesthetics

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A Quick Chat With Santana Ramsey of Santana Aesthetics

Santana Ramsey is the founder of Santana Aesthetics and an award winning injectables guru based in London.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with us! For readers who do not already know, please tell us more about your journey into injectables

It was in Summer 2019 when I decided to go full time into injectables. It all started when I injected my own lips at home and realised what a great job I had done, it made me eager to want to correct other awful lip fillers that I kept seeing on these beautiful girls that have lips too big for their face.
You specialize in lip fillers. What are your top three tips for creating perfectly filled lips? 
My top three tips would be:
-To ask the client what it is they’re looking for, is there anything specific that they want? Less is always more! Overfilled lips tend to lose shape and definition so it’s always best to start small and gradually build the lips over time to get a more natural look. 
-Always use a fine needle and inject slowly to avoid lumpy lips. 

You have a substantial Instagram following of over 16,000 followers. How has social media impacted the medical industry and how relevant is it for your practice? 
Social media has really helped my business grow in the past couple years. Having a huge worldwide platform to be able to promote and showcase my work has been the number one marketing tool for my business. 
I have taken full advantage of social media to generate clients and connect with big influencers. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to get lip fillers for the first time?
Always start off with less and gradually build your lips up over time. Don’t try to get 2-3mls in the space of one month because it will result in the filler migrating outside of the lip line which looks awful. 

In recent years, the demand for lip fillers has risen significantly. What do you think is the reason for this increase? 
Social media has a huge impact on society nowadays. It makes you feel as though you have to look a certain way. A lot of my clients are between the ages of 18-40 years old and they all show me pictures of either an influencer or a filter and tell me that they want to look like that. 

What are the three most in demand services that you offer? 
-Lip filler
-Liquid rhinoplasty
-Anti wrinkle injections 

What treatments have you seen a rise in demand for? 
-Liquid rhinoplasty 

What advice do you have for an aspiring medical practitioner? 
Speak to your client first and find out why it is that they want the treatments done. Do not inject if you feel that the client does not need the treatments nor would they benefit from them. Do not do this job for the money, do it from the bottom of your heart to make people feel good about themselves even after not having any treatments done because you’ve refused them, they should feel good that they didn’t need anything done in the first place!

What medical trends do you predict for 2022? 
Creating dimples will be a new trend in the future. I have already started offering this treatment due to popular demand. 

Where can readers visit your practice?

Instagram: @santanaaesthetics 

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