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10 Questions With Model Alexa Collins

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10 Questions With Model Alexa Collins

EXCLUSIVE: Alexa Collins is an American Model and Social Media Influencer based in Miami, Florida. With over 1.3 Million Instagram followers and the face of multiple brand endorsements every week, she shows no signs of slowing down. Today we had the opportunity to briefly chat with her:

The first thing I do in the morning is…

I turn on my coffee machine! I need my cup as soon as I wake up. Otherwise, I’m a mess! 

The best beauty advice I ever received was… 

Less is more on your skin. Don’t overdo it with fancy products. 

When I’m stressed…

I always take an hour to work out. It always helps relieve my stress and anxiety. 

Favorite time of the day…

Dinner Time! That’s my time of the day to unwind and enjoy my food with my significant other. 

My guilty pleasure is… 

I’m a huge movie and TV show person. My list of watched series is endless. I love a good story.

Sweet or Savoury…

Definitely Savoury. I love my sweets, but my true weakness is Mexican food. So I’d have to say I choose that. 

The best advice for looking great in a photo is… 

Don’t try too hard! Be yourself. Let it flow and don’t over-pose. 

One thing I wish people knew about me is…

I’m nice to everyone and I’m super down to earth. Sometimes people judge a book by its cover and don’t realize that influencers or models are real people too! I wish all people knew that I’m a nice person and was raised to treat everyone equally. 

If you looked at my desktop, you’d see…

Work emails, online shopping, YouTube, Lightroom, and my scheduled calendar.

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