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Meet Film Producer Mikaela Phillips

Mikaela Phillips
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Meet Film Producer Mikaela Phillips

Mikaela Phillips is an Australian TV Producer, Actress & Presenter. At the age of 22, she became one of the youngest showrunners in TV history. As an actress, she has also appeared in Amazon hit series Counterplay. Today we had the opportunity to briefly chat with her:

The first thing I do in the morning is…

Check my phone. Straight into work mode. Whether it’s having a glance at emails, checking Instagram, or seeing what’s on for the day, that’s first. I’ll normally catch up on what I can before breakfast and either then get ready to hit the office or the road for a day of meetings or filming

What do you look for in a TV/Film project before committing to it?

Script. The script and/or concept has to be well written, relatable, and not only speak to me as something I’d like to do but as a story, I can see a broad demographic/audience enjoying. From there, of course, look at who’s attached to the project; actors, producers, and director. 

Sometimes you’ll get a project come to you that’s already been developed and/or cast that they may want to bring you onboard for; with your assistance/expertise. In those circumstances, I like to look at who they’re working with, a sizzle or rough cut of the filming, and what I can bring to the table for it to be a mutually beneficial partnership so not only I get what I want out of it but the other individual does as well.

When I’m stressed…

you’ll find me either at the beach clearing my head or catching up with a close friend(s) for a good chat and laugh! Stress is unavoidable sometimes and better than hating yourself for letting it get to you, take a moment to step back from the situation and clear your mind… so you’re ready to tackle whatever the problem is again.

Favorite time of the day…

Sunset. There’s something magical about that twilight, dusk time of evening. It has the power to make big things feel smaller, unattainable goals and dreams more achievable, like romance is in the air and that no matter what your day was like, be thankful that there’s another fresh day around the corner.

How do you priorities your workload?

I definitely juggle a large workload from time to time ha-ha and a few roles. I like to explain it as it comes in ebbs and flows… some days you have more time and flexibility and other days everything comes at once. So I’m a huge fan of lists. If it’s not on my list, chances are I won’t remember it.

I like to label in order of what requires immediate action to tasks that aren’t as urgent, but still, need to be completed. I focus on what needs to get done and finalized quickly whilst balancing other work alongside those top priorities.  

Sweet or Savoury…

Sweet! Definitely, more of a sweet tooth although sometimes sweet + savory together, is the best combination hahaha.

If you looked at my desktop, you’d see…

Haha to be honest right now you’d see a lot of screenshots and files that haven’t been organized into folders.

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