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Tony “Super” Chang: Thriving Founder of Super Jewelry Co and Inspiration to Young Entrepreneurs

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Tony “Super” Chang: Thriving Founder of Super Jewelry Co and Inspiration to Young Entrepreneurs

When asked about the most remarkable success he has experienced in his life so far, southern California entrepreneur Tony Chang responded, “Finding, knowing and being myself.” Going through the peaks and valleys of everyday life, Tony Chang has gone from being an employee working for someone else to developing an entrepreneurial spirit that has launched him to be the head of his own business. With Super Jewelry Co, Chang is creating custom jewelry pieces while building personal relationships with his clients. After building a strong brand image for himself and his company, the budding businessman is looking to bring his company to the masses. 

While pursuing his graduate degree, Tony Chang found himself a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Making the realization that he longed for financial freedom, Chang dropped out of university to pursue something more. First, he decided he needed to work on himself, for himself. Chang recalled, “I went through mental breakdowns because I was so used to being an employee, but, when I got into business for myself, I literally had to put my old-self and mentality to death.” Stepping forward as a new man, the hopeful entrepreneur found a new devotion to the jewelry industry while working for Ablaze International.

In 2018, Tony Chang left his position at Ablaze to finally pursue his quest for financial freedom. He founded Super Jewelry Co and began selling custom 10K and 14K pieces of jewelry. Building upon what he learned in his life experiences, Chang’s company focuses on customer service, providing a transparent and welcoming experience with each client he receives. The journey has not been comfortable, but Tony Chang has worked himself into a position to make a name for himself as a jeweler truly. Now looking to expand into custom diamond pieces, Tony Chang has laid down a blueprint for global success.

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