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Happy Jewelers: The Orange County Jeweler Creating Sentimental Customer Jewelry

Happy Jewelers
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Happy Jewelers: The Orange County Jeweler Creating Sentimental Customer Jewelry

An item of jewelry often holds much more meaning within it than what it initially presents at face value. At Happy Jewelers in Fullerton, California, they recognize this sentiment with the utmost importance and respect. For them, crafting unique and intimate pieces of jewelry helps to commemorate important moments in their customers’ lives. The rings, necklaces, and other items that Happy Jewelers craft hold much more meaning to their customers than you could imagine. That level of service and work has, and always will be, a priority for the Orange County jeweler.

In 2000, brothers Gabe and Danny Arik opened Happy Jewelers after decades of watching their father, Isa, craft and sell his own jewelry. Learning the ins and outs of both the physical aspects and business side of the jewelry industry, the brothers were naturals when it was time for them to open the doors of their own store. However, as young entrepreneurs, they still had to earn respect from their potential customers and competitors alike.

The Arik brothers began focusing on cutting-edge designs and crafting one-of-a-kind experiences for each and every customer. Happy Jewelers aims to create personalized customer service experiences for each of its customers. Working to know them personally, the brothers hope they will be able to create a piece of jewelry that truly speaks to the customer.

“Our core value is customer service and part of that experience is our specialists getting to know the customer on a more personal level,” Gabe Arik says. “In doing so, we can help them design the perfect piece of jewelry.”

Happy Jewelers continues to expand their product line, as well, with the intent that they will be able to reach a wider audience on a more intimate level. “That’s what I love,” Gabe shares, “helping people create a symbolic memory.”

Over its two decades of operation, Happy Jewelers has had its floors graced by some relatively high-profile clients. This includes World Series champions Clayton Kershaw and Joc Pederson, as well as country music star Jon Pardi. Attracting names like these who are seen in the public eye donning Happy Jeweler’s work is only a further testament to the Arik brothers’ level of craftsmanship.

Even with these celebrities in their stores, however, the Arik brothers ensure that there is no preferential treatment to any of their clients. Each customer receives equal amounts of dedication from Happy Jewelers. “We treat our team members and our customers as if they are walking into our home,” Gabe proudly states. “We don’t want people to feel intimidated walking into a jewelry store.”

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.

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