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Tanyette is the rebirth of Millennial Soul Music

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Tanyette is the rebirth of Millennial Soul Music

Tanyette McCoy’s birth delivery was over two painstaking hours filled with controversy, fear, rage, & tears of joy. The very first tone & sound from the mouth of Tanyette was an angelic “scream”

Tanyette McCoy’s birth delivery was over two painstaking hours filled with controversy, fear, rage, & tears of joy. The very first tone & sound from the mouth of Tanyette was an angelic “scream” of arrival. The life story of Tanyette McCoy is not for the light-hearted and is a road less traveled infused with a God-given ability to create Music. Music is the calm before the storm for Tanyette in life; it’s her mental refuge of happiness. Having the inborn talent to compose powerful emotions into life-changing lyrics is a rare trait amongst musicians.  

Tanyette views life, love, pain, & passion through a different lens than most people. When people meet Tanyette, they always feel immediate electricity & an enthralling connection. The eyes are the window to the soul. The digital music catalog of Tanyette is a personal diary inside her beautiful mind. The Music sonically opens Tanyette’s Pandora Box & enables listeners to symmetrically correlate with her emotionally driven lyrics & diverse music culture. 

In 2018, Tanyette delivered “3” passionate soul-driven ballads, which have garnered critical acclaim from award-winning songwriters, producers, & magazines. The lead track “So Good” is a luxurious lyrical outcry message to men regarding the benefits of being with a “superwoman” & grave consequence if mishandled. Tanyette’s voice softly caresses each verse & the karaoke-style chorus is a crowd favorite. “So Good” is a hair salon repeat song on a Friday, while each woman discusses their significant other in detail.  

Fireworks” embodies the essence of imaginative sex appeal, pulsating emotional basslines, & mind control lyrics make this track “bedroom “music. “Fireworks” is achieving consistent international traction in London, Italy, Brazil, & Canada. “Fireworks” is currently active on multiple Spotify playlists, including RADIOPUSHERS. The RADIOPUSHERS Playlist boasts over 60,000 active followers. “Fireworks” is currently circulating through primary DJ Pool circuits & the response is overwhelmingly positive.  

The Tanyette McCoy expansion plans for 2021 include launching TCM Clothing line, cosmetic product line & music label. Tanyette McCoy is a beautiful rose that grew from the concrete streets of Lubbock, Texas. Tanyette McCoy’s book is filled with chapters of pain, struggle, passion, love, sexuality, & more. The most critical section to be written is “music,” & her story will leave a mark in history.  Tanyette is a Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS. 

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Jonathan P-Wright is Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media companies. Jonathan P-Wright is a bi-coastal resident between Southern California and South Beach. RADIOPUSHERS creates digital alliances with emerging artists driven by an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. The chief focus lies within sparking inspiration and fueling a timeless brand.


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