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Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing

170cm 5ft7 big twin melons sex doll rachel jy
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Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing

Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing
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Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing.

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus has completely disrupted our way of life.

The virus has completely impacted businesses and how people interact in a social distancing world.

Other than the medical fraternity that’s working day and night to keep us safe, the sex doll industry has been at the forefront in making the lockdown more bearable. Some might call it an essential service soon.

Dating is impossible and weird with a mask, groups aren’t allowed, and many people, singles and couples, have thus resorted to getting sex dolls to counter loneliness, anxiety, and depression being stuck at home.

The sex doll industry has recorded a surge in sales since the virus started spreading. The top USA based doll vendor,, has been working overtime and making dream dolls for customers all over the world.

Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing
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The commented that it has been a challenge to adhere to the virus containment guidelines to work but that customers can’t wait and they need products now more than ever: “Our lifelike dolls are helping partners who can’t be together because of the travel restrictions enjoy sex.

The dolls are also helping single people who are quarantined alone to wade off loneliness, especially now that social gatherings are a luxury and that the lockdown is causing stress and anxiety to many.”

Why Love Dolls?

For the longest time, adult love dolls have been at fighting loneliness amongst single people, spicing relationships, and helping couples to live their wildest dreams.

With the Coronavirus epidemic going on, many people are trapped at home, especially in the ‘singles’ situation of loneliness and worst still, depression and anxiety.

Sex Dolls sales spike during the Social Distancing
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Social distancing makes it difficult for social relationships, forget about dating or going to places, plus all the emotional anxiety related to the pandemic, financial impact, job losses, etc. Maybe your partner is stuck in another country. There are many benefits with realistic sex dolls:

  • Sex dolls are clean of virus and disease-free, there is no fear of getting any virus and can be cleaned and sanitized easily. No STIs for sure.  According to the CDC parcels and shipments are safe too.
  • Dolls can be customized and you can build your dream doll, which allows you to live your fantasies with no judgment, prejudice, remorse, or fears.

If you want to learn more about how to build your own custom doll or buy one for the largest collection, visit, the support team is very knowledgeable and can help you find your dream doll.



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