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Retro Gaming- The RGB10 Max 2 From Powkiddy

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Retro Gaming- The RGB10 Max 2 From Powkiddy

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First off i will say there are quite a few devices in this category, with the same chipset like the Anbernic RG351 series and the Retroid Pocket 2. the Powkiddy RGB10 Max 2 has a larger screen, comfortable design, and affordable price. Despite initial doubts about Powkiddy’s reputation for budget products, I found the device to be of decent quality.

I got this unit from Gogamegeek. it costs $145 US dollars (you can get it for less with coupon codes provided on the site). Upon unboxing, I noticed the preloaded operating system resembled EmuElec/EmulationStation but had some questionable logos and themes. To address this, I swiftly installed the official EmuElec OS on a separate SD card and transferred my ROMs. If you’re interested in this process, check out this instructional video (

The button layout resembles a PlayStation controller, with comfortable buttons and analog sticks similar to the Nintendo Switch. The standout feature is the impressive 5″ screen, offering bright and accurate colors. Most of my gaming time was spent on Pokémon GBA roms with minimal issues. N64 emulation had startup challenges but ran smoothly at 30+fps, and NDS emulation had some minor frame stuttering and customization limitations. you WILL get some problems with some of the higher end systems like the N64 and Dreamcast. PSP is TOTALLY hit or miss. you have to do a LOT of tinkering no matter what firmware you’re on so be prepared.

Switching to the official firmware is NOT something i would reccomend.i say get a cusom firmware on there as soon as possible. While the device can heat up during extended use, it’s manageable.

I will recommend this handheld to retro gaming newbies rating it 8/10 for its commendable quality and value. It’s an excellent choice for newcomers and those seeking a reliable retro gaming device, especially for games up to the PS1 era. out the box. for experienced retro handheld users it goes down to a 6.5. there are units out there that does what this unit does better, even with custom firmware. but it will work in a pinch.

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