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Quickfire Questions With Artist Seek One

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Quickfire Questions With Artist Seek One

Rob Dugan, professionally known as Seek One is a street artist originally from Philadelphia. His signature depicts iconic figures mixed with vintage media and street style. This fall he is planning on exhibiting his first International show in Dubai.

Let’s start with the news of you announcing your first international show in Dubai with the
Galloire Gallery this fall. Can you give us an insight into what you will be exhibiting? 

Absolutely, first of all I am beyond excited to be exhibiting in one of top cities in the world.
Galloire Gallery is a new gallery space which will be opening in September and host some of the
top artist from around the world. Together we will be displaying a unique series of 8 works on
paper to start. The works on paper are something new for me as an artist but have been
receiving a lot of positive attention.
Later this Fall we plan to show some of my original works on wood panel as well. I am planning
on making an appearance for their debut and possibly make are few pieces of art while in

Your career as an artist started off as a street graffiti artist and a photographer. How has this
background helped shape you into the painter you are today?

As a self-taught artist, starting out as a graffiti artist and photographer gave me the free range
to experiment with different mediums. Today you can see a lot of that influence in my works
from the unique graffiti backgrounds to the iconic imagery. Being able to experiment and
develop my own style has been a huge attribute to my success as I feel I have developed
something that is unique.

A lot of your work can be described as being busy and energetic.
Please could you take us through your work process from start to finish?

My work stems from a graffiti background, as a graffiti artist you must me quick and precise. I
love using vibrant colors and working fast. Taking this same energy from streets and putting it
into my work helps to capture that energy. The only difference is that it is in a fine art format
that can be displayed in your home.

Your current style of work can be perceived as heavily influenced by pop culture. How has
your style of work changed over the years? 

Through experimenting my style has adapted and developed to where it is today. Pop culture
and graffiti have always been at the core of my work but the process has changed over time.
My very first pieces were made with stencils, I then experimented with painting images by hand
and eventually silk screens. Today I work heavily in mixed media which involves large printed
images over layers of old newspapers, graffiti, acrylics, oils and other materials. I feel like I have
finally landed on an iconic style that I will stick with.

This has been a busy year for you already. How are you feeling about the future? What’s

I am always excited for what the future holds. I have closed on some great new partnerships
this year with two new galleries (Hayes Gallery, Greenwich CT and Galloire Gallery, Dubai UAE)
as well as a unique partnership with Chaddsford Winery. Working with a local Philadelphia
business like Chaddsford Winery is always great and challenges me to adapt my art into new
spaces. Together we will be designing their Dry Rosé: Redux for summer 2022, something I am
very excited for. In addition to all of this I will continue to work with new collectors and my
current gallery partners.

You can keep up with Artist Seek One on Instagram


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