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Miss Diorrrr NOURAH Jasem Mohammed ALFAILAKWI Writer

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Miss Diorrrr NOURAH Jasem Mohammed ALFAILAKWI Writer

I’m a Kuwaiti female writer. I care much about women and girls, write thoughts, ideas, recipes, and useful experiences to them, I also have many followers on my accounts in the popular social media sites.

With my belief in the distinction of Arab Women and being an extraordinary person, I devoted a big part of my time to write for her, she deserves more of this as being a unique woman.

I write for women the best thoughts and ideas which come to my mind, to touch the depths of herself and her affection, what’s written from the heart, in all honesty, reach to the heart with all the love.

I write lovely prayers to my heart and my followers’ hearts. I try by myself the products and buy them to share truthfully my experience with all friends who follow my account.

I have many accounts on social media sites, such as twitter:, Instagram:, Snapchat:, TikTok, in addition to blogger account, all have the name of Miss Dior

Buying useful products

I devoted a big part of my writing to talk about things that are similar to the international brands, which any Arab Woman wishes to have.

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to have personal belongings from the most famous brands?! But if she didn’t have sufficient financial capacity, so does this mean she doesn’t buy those things?!

Logic maybe tell us that she is not supposed to buy those things, and lives heartbreak and deprivation, but that never happens when I’m here for her, who follow my account will find that I provide the cheaper variant for finest and most expensive brands, and with high quality, which is impossible to differentiate between it and the original brand, that she doesn’t need to pay these lots of money for the minor things in her life, while she can have which are similar to these brands but in most abundant price.

Easy recipes for you, my lady

Every female considers the kitchen her kingdom for innovation, to make delicious food with love for her family and children. No matter how the beauty of restaurant food, it can’t match for a simple meal which the woman made with love and her attention for her children and her lovers, as she cooks with her heart and feelings for the pleasure of those around her.

For that reason, the writer Nourah came to help you, my lady, she provides you the most simple and easiest recipes to make the most delicious foods. Now with recipes of the writer/ NOURAH jasem Mohammed ALFAILAKWI , my lady, you can innovate in your food which you make in your kitchen. It’s not true that the new food is difficult to prepare. On the contrary, some recipes don’t take more than five minutes to prepare. Until traditional meal, Nourah can help you to prepare them better and more professional.



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