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Meet J Mulan 25-Year Old Actress Turned Entrepreneur

Meet J Mulan 25-Year Old Actress Turned Entrepreneur
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Behind The Scenes

Meet J Mulan 25-Year Old Actress Turned Entrepreneur

Jaleska “J Mulan” Holman is the owner and founder of JMulan Agency. If curious about the services her agency offers, one can simply state that ‘it’s creativity mashed with fun and intelligence’. Just like beauty and brains.

Jaleska, a 25-year-old independent and shrewd businesswoman, was born and brought up in Houston, Texas. Growing up, she was blessed with hard-working parents who instilled similar standards and work-ethics in their child. Her brain baby ‘JMulan Agency’ was created over 7 years ago and has acquired thousands of credentials to its name to date.

JMulan Agency is the go-to name in the Entertainment, Fashion, and Sports industry. Jaleska describes it as a professional and competent artist management and celebrity promotion firm that deals in movie and video castings, artist development, creative direction, event curation via pop-up installations, and of course, brand-placements. All of what she does is ensured in a convivial environment for the clients at JMulan Agency.

Ms. Holman’s success-saga is a prolific one. But nothing comes easy. Now that JMulan Agency is an ideal name to partner within the entertainment and fashion industry, this was once not the case.

Founded 7 years ago with the sole aim of meeting the people’s needs where they are, Jaleska has come a long way, all on her own. J Mulan’s notable clients include Travis Scott, Drake, PopSmoke, Justin Combs, Christian Combs, Quincy Combs, Sean Combs, Maxim Magazine, BET, Kream, Megan Thee Stallion among many others who are part of this tally.

The roadblocks and obstacles throughout her journey served not as a deterrent but as a stimulus for Ms. Holman. In her words “I took the stairs myself so that I could build the escalator for those behind me’.

Knowing that there was a market available to enable others to live their dreams was the motivating factor behind her entry into entrepreneurship and creative direction. Since then, adding value to the clients has become the norm at Jaleska’s firm JMulan Agency.

From being fired from her previous position as a Marketing Director to casting an initially rejected young lady for a Travis Scott video, Ms. Jaleska has seen it all. She recalls meeting her mentor who fired her earlier and being surprised at listening to the words ‘This is why I fired you. This is the type of work you deserve to be doing. You are doing great.’

Jaleska’s work comprises a big-chunk of her daily routine. Catering to young individuals and veterans alike separates her agency from the crowd. She is a pro at what she does, that is, offering creative direction to brands through social marketing and advertising.

‘I created my agency to instill drive and desire in individuals where the fire of passion may have burned out through struggle and turmoil. I was able to make various connections where I have been able to share my knowledge and experience to add a shortcut to those who need it’, says Ms. Holman.

Courage, persistence, and hard work are the defining parameters of her success, said she when inquired about her secret to success.

With the right amount of creativity and abundant courage, Jaleska made it happen in a male-dominated industry. Her story resonates with all the budding young female entrepreneurs. After all, the industry only waits for you to fail in order to speed up the success.


Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.

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