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Meet Influencer Maryam Iman

Maryam Iman
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Meet Influencer Maryam Iman

Maryam Iman is a Los Angeles-based influencer, business owner, and Celebrity hairstylist with over 500k Instagram followers. Today we had the opportunity to chat with her:

The first thing I do to start the day is…

I write in my gratitude journal with my fresh cup of ginger tea. After I finishing that I do thirty minutes of meditation/breathwork followed by morning affirmations.

The best beauty advice I ever received was…  Taking care of yourself is a form of self-respect!

When I’m stressed…

I like to meditate and write down any of my frustrations. Working out also always helps me move that bad energy and get my endorphins running. After that, I try to do anything that’s peaceful/relaxing like painting or taking a warm bubble bath.

Favorite time of the day…

The mornings!! I love getting up early and feeling motivated for a new day! I’m totally an early bird and I enjoy my morning process.

My guilty pleasure is…

Vegan icecream! I trick myself into thinking it’s okay to eat a whole tub just because it’s vegan! My role model is… Beyoncé! She is such a Queen and so multi-dimensional.  Her work ethic is unmatched!

Sweet or Savoury…

To be honest I’m more on the savory side but I enjoy a mix of both!

The best advice for looking great in a photo is…  Lighting is key!!! Good lighting and not too many distractions in the background!

One thing I wish people knew about me is…

I truly love to help women grow and evolve spiritually. I love seeing other women heal from traumas and excel in their lives. I’m constantly inspired by the strength and beauty in ALL women! If you looked at my desktop, you’d see… A lot of vegan recipes, workouts, my work, and a TON of pictures!

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