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Meet Ammon, a 15-year-old kid who used the internet to pay for college

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Meet Ammon, a 15-year-old kid who used the internet to pay for college

The internet is full of interesting and amazing ways to grow and start a business at any age, and someone by the name of ‘Ammon’, is a perfect example! Meet Ammon, a 15-year-old boy who started learning the basics of computer design and graphics all on his own at just age 6 on a crummy laptop, learning the ins and outs of editing family photos together!

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In early 2019 Ammon started his very own business named “AmmonGFX”, which started as a hobby, which then took off due to Ammon creating his Twitter account ( ) and running advertisements, starting relationships, and even getting jobs from youtube creators with over 8,000,000 followers! Impressive!

Ammon is currently earning money to save for college, and he has amassed over 10,000 dollars with just a dream and a computer. Oh, and the internet of course. Ammon wishes to let all kids and teenagers everywhere that you are never too young to follow your dream, and even make a little buck out of it!

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Ammon likes to spend his time, “editing video and ordering DoorDash chick fil a.” Ammon said in an interview. He spends his money buying newer and newer parts for his computer and keyboards, etc.

“Always go for your dreams!” Was Ammon’s main point when asked about his story.

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