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Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest Talk Hip-Hop with Muzique Magazine

Los Musick and P.A.T.
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Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest Talk Hip-Hop with Muzique Magazine

Two of the smoothest rappers around, Los Musick and P.A.T., released the music video for “My Friend Hip Hop” a while back. Lifted from their collaborative album, Inside The People, “My Friend Hip Hop” parades the twosome’s delicious to-and-fro flow.

Los Musick, based in Port Arthur, Texas, and P.A.T, who is based in Opelousas, Louisiana, hooked up with director J-Dubb to shoot the video in Beaumont, Texas. The visuals feature not on Los Musick and P.A.T., doing their thing, but also include the UMANG dancers, as well as a company of talented skaters strutting their stuff, along with footage from protests.

Opening on emerging chiming colors, followed by melodic harmonies riding a fat bassline, the song rolls into a measured slow, low, and banging rhythm. Cashmere flows infuse the lyrics with dazzling rhymes and significant meaning.

“Hip hop is my friend / Picks me up when I’m down / I feel the rhythm / I feel my heart thru the sound / I am peace / It take my feet off the ground / Takin me deeper and I / Prolly will never return….”

Traveling on silky undulations, “My Friend Hip Hop” is totally dope, reminiscent of duos such as UGK and Outkast. Los Musick and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest most definitely have it going on, pumping out plush, alluring hip-hop.

Muzique Magazine spoke with the duo to discover how they keep their sound so fresh, their songwriting process, and how they got started in the game.

How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there?

Los – I wasn’t going to concerts every Sunday but I’d have to say, the “southern holy ghost church of the south” was the closest thing to it.

Keeping it real, the music from church made me feel music for the first time as a youngin’. From the Organ, Keyboard, and Drums to the Vocals. Everything was from the heart as a dedication of love to God’s people. This was the root of my growth in music, inspiring me to venture into my own lane. From there the repetition of creating the music took over and over time I just got better.

P.A.T. – For me, it was honestly just hearing music at a very young age and falling in love with it! Just knowing it made me feel some type of way when I heard it was the start! Then in high school, a friend who goes by the name of Big Twice would rap and freestyle and I thought it was ridiculous until he took the time to explain, “I know all the songs on the radio, and I sang them right… so how about if you wrote your own music and rap that it’s even better!” Not knowing it was possible I tried it and jumped in a cypher and when I finished the rap EVERYONE LISTENING TO ME SCREAMED! “You wrote that mannn PAT THAS you…. awweee man that was sooo tight!” Their response caught everyone’s attention at the stadium of a football game and from that moment I knew that I wanted to definitely continue this music thang!

Which singers/musicians influenced you the most?

Los – There’s a lot of inspirational artists I’ve come across and I’d be typing for a long time trying to name them, but the “top of my list” would be Geto Boys, S.U.C., Lupe Fiasco, U.G.K., Goodie Mobb, 8ball & MJG, 3 6 mafia, Outkast, Cory Henry, King Keyz, Bryan Michael Cox, Timbaland, and Stevie Wonder. Just to name a few.

P.A.T. – Influences are superabundant … let’s just say my inspiration comes from everything seen and heard directly and indirectly even! I can tell you my stories and others I’ve experienced through a third party and be able to paint the picture so well you will feel as if you were there! I’m in agreement with ma brotha Los on most but Devin The Dude, Fat Pat. BIG HAWK, LIL KEKE, LUDACRIS, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Dead Prez, and Kxng Crooked as well!

Which artists are you listening to right now?

Los – I’m listening to Big Krit, U.G.K, Tobe Nwigwe, Scarface, Roddy Ricch, US, TDE, D Smoke, Katori Walker, H.E.R., The Weeknd, Morray, and Cordae. Just to name a few. I listen to a wide variety of music that again, would have me typing for a long time.

P.A.T. – I LOVE LISTENING TO US!!! More than anything else no lie cause I’m here to see how valid/REAL it is and that makes a ton of difference! But every now and then I will jam something I grew up on or some old school slow jams and eclectic music that did numbers so I can chillax!

As an artist, what’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Los – Being consistent with social media.

P.A.T. – BIGGEST challenge is definitely being in position to MAINLY FOCUS ON MUSIC when it comes to Work! 

Is your sound evolving? If so, in which direction?

Los – Constantly evolving. There’s no plateau when it comes to music in my opinion. Every time I think I’m there, I’m humbled again by more inspiration. I’m thankful for that! Because of that evolution, our music has a more satisfying approach.

P.A.T. – Yeah my brother said it to a T… it’s getting better and better with time, knowledge, and experiences and deeper in our spirits each time we open up and give the world a piece of US!

How do you keep your sound fresh and avoid coming across as derivative?

Los – Music is not that boxed up product in a warehouse ready for shipment. Music comes to life via some type of emotion in my opinion so, with that being said, I’d say that the fresh feel comes from my perspective for that moment in time. If I write something on a day that I’m mad as hell, then try to put that same feeling down when I’m feeling my best, the vibe clashes. The Vibe gotta be right to keep that Fresh comin’. 

P.A.T. – I would say WE JUST LIVING! The more we live the more we learn! The more we learn the better we get! So, then we share it and you see/hear growth each time like the vines of fine wine, them grapes cannot stay in that skin, it’s gonna be broken and when it breaks everything you put into it oozes out! So, we continue to feed ourselves with more positive things THAN the negative although if a situation arises, we trained to handle it accordingly!

What is your songwriting process?  Do the rhymes come first, or the music?

Los – Since I produce as well, the process usually starts with a beat. A good melody sets the vibe, and from there the lyrics channel into a Classic.

P.A.T. – With me it could be either way, but the key is I WILL NOT FORCE IT! I make sure that I’m not trying to just write something just cause I can. I make sure that the very best comes out organically so I will write when I feel it just flows!!!!!

Why do you make music?

Los – I make music because it’s an expression of emotion for me, an art form that releases energy that basic dialog cannot provide in my opinion.

P.A.T. – I make music because it is a PASSION AND SOMETHING I LOVE TO DO! It doesn’t feel like work or playing around ever. It is always something that brings me to a place of peace and I never wanna lose that feeling! I’m also doing music for the voiceless who want to express a thought or situation but feel they DON’T have a voice, or their voice isn’t big enough to get the point across!

What’s the music scene like in Port Arthur?

Los – There’s a lot of talent in P.A.Texas for sure, The music scene is dope too when it comes to artists like B-lean, Benzo Trill, Audi-yo, Lady Mck, Hezeleo, Chee Ali and a few others keepin that Trill Country Rap Tune alive.

P.A.T. – For me in Opelousas, Louisiana, it’s gritty and raw! Real people coming with a gift of gab that can capture real situations because they came up in it! The scene is very in your face and we love to party HEAVILY!

What was the inspiration for your new single/music video “My Friend Hip Hop?”

Los – The beat came first, and it sounded like a hip-hop hug during a time when I was trying to get my foundation right. It just came to me via the vibe at the moment. Through every situation in my life making music has been an outlet and my friend. Especially hip-hop!

P.A.T. – When this one came across my email saying I had more than 16 bars, I felt like Andre 3000 spoke it up when 16 AIN’T enough and so I knew that this one was going to be special, and I needed to put the STAMP ON IT! And when it came down to writing the verse it was me paying homage to the entire culture no matter what and I was able to put love emphasis on the golden era of HIP HOP!

What do you want people to take away from the video?

Los – That Hip-Hop can get you through anything, and enjoy what’s right in front of you, right now!

P.A.T. – Showing love isn’t taboo and it’s cool to give it before you receive! On top of that, it’s important to have SUBSTANCE in your music! I’m really excited to see if the viewers are going to actually check out other music to see if we are consistent because then they will have found a lifetime grind for a goldmine! 

How are you handling the coronavirus situation?

Los – What Coronavirus lol. I’m staying safe … but I’m free. I’m going to enjoy life!

P.A.T. – The Corona is a beer, right? 

Looking ahead, what’s next for Los Musick and P.A.T.?

Los – Blessings on Blessings on Blessings and whole lotta great music!

P.A.T. – We are striving to be better in every single part of life and being able to provide more value to the amazing people that want more in life through music! 

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