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Interview with “Impala Beats” Female Producer/Beatmaker “Julia Tarasova”

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Interview with “Impala Beats” Female Producer/Beatmaker “Julia Tarasova”

Impala Beats musical production team dedicated to creating tropical rhythms from genres such as Dancehall, Afrobeat, Latin Riddim, Reggaeton, Latin Trap, R&B, Hip-hop, Trap among others, with the aim of artists discovering the best tracks for their next hit!

Since starting in 2015, we’ve made over thousands of beats for independent artists all around the world. Our mission is to give music artists the freedom to browse and pick the beats that are a professional and affordable price for a music career. Our talented producer’s team is made industry-ready beats for you every day!

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How did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for?

I became fond of music enough at an early age! Went to music school. Played piano, bass. Then I began to gradually learn the basics of the virtual arrangement! Studied programs! such, as Ableton; Fl Studio. Took the first steps to create beats.

What inspires you and what makes you want to keep producing music?

My main inspiration has always been and will be quality music. Cool artists who create incredible content! Such as Michael Jackson; Whitney Houston; George Michael. I am also inspired by the artists of the new wave: Post Malone; Drake; Lil Tecca; The Weeknd.

You’ve had a very successful career as a music producer. What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far and why?

Now at this stage of forming my career as a producer! I work almost seven days a week! I have a great team =) I work on a team with my best friend Viki! She is the creative director in Impala Beats Prod. This year we had two big enough releases for popular artists!

We took part in creating an album for MoneyMan And produced the track «Hold You Down »

We produce a track for a rising American star The Boy Boy West Coast. He has his debut album «Anxiety & Depression» released just this month.

We worked on the track «I Fell You»

Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from — if so who and what sort of music?

Now I am inspired by the artists of the new wave! I really like the last album The Weeknd «After Hours»! It’s really Fresh! Roddy Ricch it is simply magnificent! «The Box» submits all chats =) Like what it does DaBabby =)

What are some of the biggest differences you’ve seen in this business?

The music business is a very difficult thing! Difficulties usually arise in pay! For some reason, it so happens that no one asks about money at all =) Sometimes people just want you to work for free! Only Why?

We need to respect the work of the music producer and the beatmaker! It carries a lot of costs from quality equipment, paying for mastering beats – up to the time spent! Artists must come to an understanding – the work of a beatmaker! And it is worthy to pay for the works of music producers!

What are a few key lessons you’ve learned about producing that other aspiring musicians and producers could take advice from?

You need to invest in everything! And I mean not just time but and money! It is necessary to understand exactly that music is the same business! You have to work every day! To think over content! Do only quality work! To be given to business entirely!

What’s the process you go through in finding the perfect tune? Did you study with courses, learn online or just experiment?

Usually, I start work with a section of percussion! When I start to be rocked by the subject I start picking chords and various one-shots and loops! I really like to add different vocal sounds to beats =) I love the signature cool melodic sound =)

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How do you approach the sensitive task of discussing changes and rearrangements with artists?

I always try my best satisfied with the highest level.

What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?

I Think Every Hit has an unforgettable hook – which catches! =)

Who is the best music producer working in the industry today?

I love the producers of the new school: Nick Mira; CashMoneyAp; Taz Taylor =)

What is the first thing you listen for when listening to a new recording?

I always pay attention to the hook! On a melody! He has to have his atmosphere! The Sound! The Style! I love it when everything is unremarkably stylish.

What projects do you have in the making currently and what are your plans for the near future?

In the Near Future, Our team plans not to be left on the achieved! We want to get to a new level of work with artists! Open the door to the world of big business.

What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

Get a Grammy =)

People starting out in music may be questioning what they need to get started. What was the first set of equipment/software you ever bought?

The aspiring producer now is enough to have a laptop =) Many cool tracks were written in bedrooms on regular laptops! This is New School =)

How can potential fans find you?

It’s my Instagram: Our Website:

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I want to thank my best friend Viki! For her help in our project! Together we will achieve a lot! Thank you BeatStars for the ability they give all beatmakers to sell beats =)




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