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Interview with entrepreneur, author, and artist Werley Nortreus

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Interview with entrepreneur, author, and artist Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus is a Haitian musical artist, author, writer, entrepreneur, politician, and the Chief Executive Officer of Ceraphin Corporation, which is a mass media company that he currently owns and shares with Nortreus Media Group. To tell you, Mr. Werley Nortreus is not only a media mogul, but he is also the founder of a powerful political party called Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and a Governmental organization called A New Haiti Before 2045 or ANHB 2045 that is operating in Haiti.

According to Google search, Mr. Werley Nortreus is a 26 years old media mogul and he was elected the CEO of Bon Déjeuner! Radio since 2017. However, Bon Déjeuner! Radio is a very popular internet radio station based in Cap-Haitien and its currently owned by Werley Nortreus and Ceraphin Radio Network. Fortunately, the 26 years old businessman Werley Nortreus has announced that he owns 60% of shares and investments of Bon Déjeuner! Radio that he runs with Ceraphin Radio Network.

According to Google stats, Bon Déjeuner! Radio is reaching out million of listeners and has millions of impressions every month. However, the popular internet radio station’s CEO Werley Nortreus has announced that he owns 60% of shares as investments from now. Meanwhile, the other party called Ceraphin Radio Network owns 40% of shares from now. In fact, Ceraphin Radio Network was founded by the Nortreus Family and Werley Nortreus now owns 60% of the radio network sub called Bon Déjeuner! Radio or BDR! Live.

“Imagine people laughed at me for buying and investing in Bon Déjeuner! Radio then BOOM, Bon Déjeuner! Radio turns into a major internet radio station with millions of listeners and impressions online”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus, the 26 years old visionary man.

Ceraphin Radio Network is the number one Haitian-owned radio broadcasting network operating in Canada that has a motto known as (Your Network, Your Stations), but in French, it means as (Votre Réseau, Vos Stations). The number one Haitian-owned radio broadcasting network in Canada operates more than 5 major radio stations. However, the top 5 radio stations run and manage Ceraphin Radio Network are Bon Déjeuner! Radio that operates in Haiti, and iJazzy Classical that operate in Haiti, and Latina HeartBeat that operates in the Dominican Republic, and Afro! PopUp operates in Africa, and 1stPremium Gospel that operates in Canada, and also Bizou Bizou FM that operates in Haiti.

Ceraphin Radio Network is run by Ceraphin Network and Ceraphin Network is run by Ceraphin Publishing Group. The radio stations run by Ceraphin Radio Network are owned by the Nortreus Family and even Ceraphin Publishing Group is run by Ceraphin Corporation that was founded since 2015.

“I started Ceraphin Corporation because I believed in it and I don’t regret it even when I failed so many times at it when people tried to used my hard work in vain”, said Mr. Werley Nortreus during an interview.

In fact, Mr. Werley Nortreus started Ceraphin Corporation with his brother Kenley Nortreus and shared it with Nortreus Media Group since 2015. Fortunately, the mass media company currently owns a radio broadcasting network with 6 radio stations, and it’s looking forwards to own more than 20+ brands, a tv network, magazines, newspapers, institutes, restaurants, photography studios, recording studios, movie theatre, etc.

Bon Déjeuner! Radio broadcasts the best music, news, and food updates across the internet. Some of Bon Déjeuner! Radio’s subs are known as BDR! News, BDR! Playlists, BDR! Magazine, BDR! Top 10, BDR! Live, and BDR! Programs.

To listen to Bon Déjeuner! Radio, please check out



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