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Interview With Boston Artist RudyWade

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Interview With Boston Artist RudyWade

Hi RudyWade! How are you?

I’m great!

Where are you from?

I am from Boston, MA.

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

At 18 years old I moved in with my producer, Jon Linger in Boston, MA, and started working at his studio with hundreds of artists. I’ve been listening to tons of music and created tons of music in the past couple of years working at the studio. I’ve also been working nonstop on my own music & music videos throughout that entire duration.

When did you start music?

I started music about 5 years ago, in my sophomore year of high school.

How did you get into music?

I got into music because I always had dreams of being a pop singer from when I was younger, so when I realized that it was actually possible, I shot for it.

Who inspires you the most musically?

I am extremely inspired by Imagine Dragons and The Neighbourhood, who are some alternative rock bands I listened to growing up, I also am very stylistically inspired by Lil Uzi Vert, because of his youthful personality and clothing style.

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

I want them to relate to what I have to say, and have felt what I say in my songs in their own lives. I want to change people’s lives and eventually create a new sound that is uniquely my own.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out? What is it about?

My song “Moving On (Remix) ft. Stellar” is coming out on February 25 and it’s about moving on from past love and onto anew.

Follow RudyWade on Instagram: @rudywademusic

Check out his music on Spotify:

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