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How Christian Massa Is Helping Musicians Break into the Entertainment Industry

How Christian Massa Is Helping Musicians Break into the Entertainment Industry
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How Christian Massa Is Helping Musicians Break into the Entertainment Industry

In 2022, the music industry is much different than it was in decades past.

For one thing, recording artists now have to learn how to work with sites such as Spotify and YouTube, where entire music collections can be found for free (or for a very small fee).

In some ways, this change is great. The ability to upload a video to YouTube can enable anyone to reach a massive audience. However, in other ways, these services can make it extremely difficult for musicians to stand out amongst the masses.

Luckily, Christian Massa, through his boutique agency, Purple Media, is assisting artists in their efforts to reach wider audiences.

How Music Artists Used to Make it Big

Before the internet (which to some readers, may sound like a prehistoric era), the music industry was almost entirely unrecognizable from what it is today.

There was no easy way to reach an audience except through the radio and through concerts. Bands like the Rolling Stones and The Beatles went on tour for months at a time in order to drum up excitement.

There were many different ways these bands could catch the collective eye of an audience. For instance, if the artists were very good-looking, had an interesting sound, or represented the zeitgeist of the era in question, they might be able to make it big (they also had to be good musicians, of course). However, even having all of these elements was no guarantee of success.

Because these artists didn’t have the ability to produce and publish music online by themselves, they had to appeal to record executives, radio stations, and others who wielded the necessary power to reach a large audience.

The Written Word Was Always Important

Even back in the day, however, reaching audiences through the written word was critical. Literally, everyone used to get the newspaper delivered to their homes. This was how information was spread. Therefore, artists could also expand their reach by being featured in a news article or a story published in a magazine.

This is still the case today, even though the medium for accessing these written articles has changed slightly. Now, articles are read mostly online. Very few people still receive physical papers. Instead, most consume the news through online publications such as the New York Times Online and other outlets.

How Christian Massa Is Helping Musicians Break into the Entertainment Industry
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Christian Massa with Bobby Heath

How Christian Massa Is Helping Musicians Break into the Entertainment Industry

Everyone Can Be a Star

Nowadays, literally, anyone can go viral and can reach millions of fans within minutes of posting content online. Between short Tik Tok videos, longer video performances on YouTube, and uploading music to services like SoundCloud, there are many different opportunities for budding artists to be discovered.

However, despite these many platforms and opportunities, the odds of making it big in one of these ways are astronomically small. In order to catch the eye of a big enough audience, artists need to post their content at exactly the right time, in exactly the right context, and both the video and sound quality need to be superlative.

Persistence and Consistency are Vital

There’s no doubt that consistently posting fresh content is a great way to build and maintain an audience. Weekly or even daily uploads are some of the best ways to keep viewers coming back again and again to a channel or stream. When it comes to entertainment, audiences are notoriously fickle. Entertainment is always based on the sentiment: “what have you done for me lately?”

That being said, artists need to consider other avenues as well besides just creating content and dishing it out to viewers and listeners.

Purple Media for Music Artists

Christian Massa has developed an effective way for artists to gain recognition and to reach new fans.

His company, Purple Media, is a boutique PR agency geared toward helping individuals break through the famously difficult barriers in the entertainment industry. Purple Media specializes in helping artists of all different types get articles placed on various popular websites and news outlets. In doing so, artists effectively expand their reach and are able to spread their message far and wide.

Purple Media has placed articles on websites such as Bloomberg, Yahoo!, Forbes, and many other popular news outlets. If an article is placed on even just one of these sites, it’s almost guaranteed to catch the eye of thousands of people who rely on these sources as their news source.

Audience Connection

Connecting with fans on a deep level has never been more important. Audiences no longer want to feel like celebrities and musicians are disconnected superstars. Rather, most fans want to know that their heroes have issues and insecurities that they deal with every day. This makes their music and art much more relatable.

Achieving this connection is critical, as most music fans want to feel personally invested in the artists they support. They want to know the backstories of popular musicians so that they can celebrate the artist’s success along with them.

In some cases, this can be accomplished through the art itself. By creating a very moving song, artists can tell a story in a way that will resonate with many different people. Both lyrics and music can accomplish this feat in a truly impressive way.

But there are times when potential fans may not be able to immediately listen to a song and appreciate it. For instance, many people will surf the web during their idle time at work. A multitude of office workers will check Facebook, Instagram, and news sources such as Yahoo! multiple times throughout the work day. If they find a compelling, well-written article detailing a music artist’s life and career, they will be more inclined to check out the artist’s collection later on, when they can safely play music without fear of being reprimanded.


For any musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and others out there wondering how best to gain a following, the answer is simple: work with a public relations group. Purple Media (led by Christian Massa) has helped their clients gain traction in a notoriously unforgiving world. They would be happy to do the same for you.

For more information about Christian Massa and Purple Media follow Massa here



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