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414bigfrank: The Emerging Musical Force From Milwaukee

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414bigfrank: The Emerging Musical Force From Milwaukee

Hailing from Milwaukee, 414bigfrank, named after his area code, started his musical venture in 2009 and his passion for music can be traced back to his childhood days spent cleaning up with his mom to tunes that ignited his love for melodies.

Transitioning from viral comedic videos to music, 414bigfrank signed with Emg Eternal Music Group, and released his new album called UP AND COMING facing the daunting task of making his voice heard in an oversaturated industry. Kanye West’s resilience serves as 414bigfrank’s inspiration, keeping him motivated despite the hurdles. His breakthrough came with his hit single “Backpack,” which went viral, inspiring over 300k videos worldwide, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Producing his own music has been a learning curve for 414bigfrank, showcasing his commitment to honing his craft. With his new album out now, 414bigfrank aims to offer diverse tracks that exude enjoyment and positivity. He emphasizes that his music is about fun rather than imparting a specific message on his audience.

414bigfrank unveils a journey marked by perseverance, resilience, and unwavering faith. He remains dedicated to giving back to his community, solidifying his genuine nature beyond his musical endeavors.


Be sure to check out 414bigfrank’s music below:

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