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From Average to Savage: How Paul Guarino Created the Popular Podcast

From Average to Savage: How Paul Guarino Created the Popular Podcast
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Behind The Scenes

From Average to Savage: How Paul Guarino Created the Popular Podcast

In April of 2018, Paul Guarino created the “Average to Savage” podcast. Paul is an entrepreneur and the founder of PG Sports, a sports marketing company and brand.

This podcast is a passion project for Paul, and it has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Let’s learn more about Paul’s show!

Why Average to Savage?

While Paul’s main business, PG Sports, deals exclusively with athletics, the Average to Savage podcast is a show for everyone.

Paul has completed just under 200 episodes thus far, with plans for many more. He’s interviewed music icons, athletes, entrepreneurs, and other incredible people.

The interviews usually start off quite generally, with Paul digging into the guest’s past, present and future. Each episode ends with “average to savage” questions, in which the guest has a chance to answer some fun queries and demonstrate their personality to the listeners.

Paul Guarino on Creating the Average to Savage Podcast

Paul has stated that podcasts and interviews have always been a major source of entertainment and information for him. Therefore, he wanted to highlight some of the athletes he works with at PG Sports, as well as others throughout various fields. He believes that long-form interviews are the best way for people to truly show what they know and to connect with their audience.

The podcast provides a means of motivation for listeners, as well as marketing for the guests.

Big Name Stars

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s knew rapper Nelly. He was one of the biggest rap artists of all time, and, coincidentally, he is one of Paul Guarino’s favorite musicians. In a true “dream come true” moment, Paul was able to interview Nelly on his podcast.

Furthermore, he’s had the chance to interview David Beckerman, the founder of the Starter brand, and various athletes who compete in tons of different sports.

Future Podcast Goals

Paul loves to have guests that are just starting their careers. As an entrepreneur himself, he wants to provide a platform for these people to show their fans what they’re all about.

Additionally, these interviews can be incredible ways to revisit these future stars’ beginnings whenever they make it big. Truthfully, Paul likes to interview anyone who has a good story to tell, and he hopes the podcast can continue to grow in popularity.

In terms of new releases, Paul is playing around with the idea of doing a “Netflix Style Drop”, in which he releases 10 or so episodes all at once.

For Those Breaking into the Podcast Field…

Whenever someone wants to start on a new venture, whether this venture includes podcasts, entertainment, sports, or something else entirely; Paul has some simple advice: “consistency is key”.

This is especially true when it comes to podcasts. If a podcast host has inconsistent episodes, listeners will quickly drop off. It’s vital that podcasts remain interesting for the listeners, the guests, and even the host!

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