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Entrepreneur and Influencer Sandi-Kaye Henry Talks Travel

Sandi-Kaye Henry
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Entrepreneur and Influencer Sandi-Kaye Henry Talks Travel

Sandi-Kaye Henry is the owner of The Shyphenk Salon in Maryland and a Hair Influencer with over 35,000 Instagram followers. Many do not know that Sandi-Kaye is a keen explorer having visited multiple cities around the world by herself. With Solo female travel becoming a booming segment, we spoke to her about her future travel plans and top recommendations.

Thank you for chatting with us today. Our readers would like to know, what Countries have you traveled to alone? 

As a solo traveler, I’ve travelled to: Dubai, Thailand, Maldives, South Africa, Kenya, France, Oman and Jamaica

What factors are important to consider when choosing a solo travel destination?

Some factors to consider when choosing a  solo travel destination are: if the country is on the don’t travel list, if there is any civil unrest and weather condition

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Sandi-Kaye Henry

What are your packing essentials for a solo trip?

My packing essentials are pepper spray, a first aid kit (Hydrocortisone creams, Benadryl, motion sickness), a portable charger, and a universal charger.

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Sandi-Kaye Henry

How much do you plan in advance vs. how much do you leave up to spontaneity?

My entire trip is usually planned out. However, I try to set a free day in between active days. The free days gives me flex room to add to my itinerary.

What are your favorite apps to use when traveling solo?

I love the XE converter app, what’s app and the translator app.

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Sandi-Kaye Henry

How do you stay safe in a new place?

I keep safe by not venturing out at night, I use tour companies that are well known. I also try to make it seem as if I am traveling with others.

What practices have you put in place to feel safe as a female solo traveler?

 Some practices I have in place to feel safe as a female solo traveler are: Making sure one reliable family member has my detailed itinerary. I also enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment program. That way both family and the US Government know where I am at all times. know where I am at all times. Also, Before booking any excursions, I use Instagram as leverage to see who else has used the tour company. 

What advice would you give to a female looking to travel alone this year? 

Make sure you do your own research on the area. You should do enough research to the point where you feel like you have been there before when you arrive. 

Have you ever felt unsafe while traveling alone?

 Luckily, I can say I don’t usually feel unsafe when traveling. Once’s you have done it so many times, you become at ease, but still vigilant.

Where are you planning on traveling in the future?

 I plan on visiting as many countries as possible. Coming up on my list  is Egypt, Fiji, Greece, Indonesia and Vietnam




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