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Daniel Mazzone: Bringing Legends To Life Through Art

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Daniel Mazzone: Bringing Legends To Life Through Art

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Billie Holiday, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. Those are just some of the legendary musicians that famed artist Daniel Mazzone has brought to life over the years through his artwork.

Mazzone, an artist from Toronto, Canada who used to live on the streets and now has made a name for himself with sold-out shows at Art Basel in Miami to shaking hands with The Pope and creating art for his charity, has now caught the eye of music lovers globally and is being commissioned by millionaire collectors, corporations and stars alike.

Mazzone creates his large works by cutting and tearing up photos, painted paper and newspaper articles about the subject of the piece. He puts a small piece of himself in each creation, including snippets from his favorite comics, photos of places where he’d like to travel and representations of artists he admires, along with clippings that relate to the subject.

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Mazzone tells us, “The goal is to make people stop and notice all the small pieces that make up other people’s stories. It’s not going to be the type of artwork where you go, oh, it’s nice. You’re going to want to look at all the little pieces and question — ‘Oh, why did he use this and that? — so hopefully, through my art, I can teach people to ask more questions in everyday life.”

And to make his works even more special, Mazzone just doesn’t Google and print out the clippings he uses within his artwork, he actually travels the globe and collects articles and rare items to use. Currently, he is on such a trip to various spots that include Egypt, Israel, the Philippines, Kenya, and Peru, to collect items for future subjects both in the music world and others he finds interesting to tell their story.

Mazzone’s art is truly unique and to see more of it, head over to

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