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Chawa Lilith Releases Opulent ‘Euphonious’

Chawa Lilith
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Chawa Lilith Releases Opulent ‘Euphonious’

Ambient artist Chawa Lilith recently released her EP, Euphonious, inspired by her own meditation practice during the lockdown in Los Angeles.

Talking about the EP, Chawa shares, “‘Euphonious’ is a message from the heart! It is a sign and inspiration of our connectedness and feeling connected because we are. You feel an instant rush of joy and letting go. It’s not intended to be meditation music, and it just might make you feel truly satisfied. It’s a message, a loving greeting from soul to soul. (If you want, meditate on the songs, but just enjoying them is what this EP aims for. Unintentionally mediational music).”

Encompassing six tracks, highlights on Euphonious include the opening track, “Good Things,” which blends faint echoing, ringing tones with droning textures topped by Chawa’s lush vocals, at once ethereal and majestically unforgettable, as if drifting across an endless expanse of glass-smooth ocean.

“You Are Love” vibrates forth on creamy washes of gentle sonic pigments, slowly rising and ebbing. Chawa’s tones give the lyrics restful auras of warmth and easy buoyancy.

“Miracles” travels on percolating, bubbly sounds riding an exotic rhythm as Chawa’s chant-like voice fills the atmosphere with numinous timbres. There’s a latent feeling of expectation to this song – waiting with bated breath for a wonder.

“Bouncing” features dual, then triple tiers of floating colors, oscillating and quivering with pulsating modulations.

“Dar Knight” ripples with darker hues, while Chawa’s spectral voice imbues the song with luscious, transparent tendrils of sound. The final track, “Hava’s Love,” features shimmering waves of emerging sounds, trembling relaxing textures. On this track, Chawa’s voice surfaces and glides on wings of soft momentum and velvety resonance.

With Euphonious, Chawa Lilith offers spirals of plush sonic colors designed to provide listeners with complete release and tranquility.

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