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Knzoo Releases Pain On ‘Clocks’

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Knzoo Releases Pain On ‘Clocks’

Knzoo has been making waves as an independent artist ever since he came onto the scene less than a year ago. The artist has been making strides, carefully crafting his own sound along the way.

Most recently, Knzoo dropped ‘Clocks’, a single expressing just how much the artist has been through. A soft piano, hard-hitting 808s, and heartfelt lyrics make up the song as the artist talks about the pain he’s been through in his life. Knzoo makes it clear he’s getting to it on his own but lets his listeners know it’s taken a toll on him.

‘Clocks’ is yet another example of Knzoo’s ability to move between genres smoothly. The artist says he has big plans for next year, including the release of a new project.

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