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Briana Murillo Uses Her Influence To Inspire Her Fans

Briana Murillo
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Briana Murillo Uses Her Influence To Inspire Her Fans

Be yourself, use what you have, and start somewhere—these are all tips from wildly successful YouTube influencer Briana Murillo. She found by applying these simple principles, she and her twin sister’s channel, Murillo Twins, have taken off. They share beauty tips, tricks, and hacks, as well as share their everyday life with their more than half a million subscribers. Their supporters enthusiastically stream their many videos for ideas, entertainment, and comfort. Briana started her career as an influencer by posting videos of her life and welcoming the public in. Though this decision has invited judgment from some, she has found that the good outweighs the bad and continues doing what she loves.

A regular day for Briana includes creating a monthly plan of video ideas, finding inspiration throughout the day for content, filming videos, and spending time with her family whom she adores. Her mother is her source of inspiration for make-up and beauty and the impression it left on her as a little girl. She can also be found meeting her supporters, which is one of the things she loves most about being an influencer. Briana continually strives to grow and evolve to be the best she can be, and she invites all of her followers onto the journey with her.  

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