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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Model, Influencer & Dancer Anastasia Rine

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Model, Influencer & Dancer Anastasia Rine

Meet the stunning Anastasia Rine. Hailing from a quaint town in Kaliningrad, Russia, Anastasia’s journey to success began with fierce dedication to swimming, gymnastics, and dance during her formative years. Her artistic soul bloomed as an avid painter, igniting a passion that has colored her life since childhood.

An academic standout, Anastasia’s love for mathematics propelled her through school, culminating in her decision to major in marketing at university after high school. An ardent traveler, she fell head over heels for Europe, and destiny led her to the sun-kissed shores of Los Angeles, California, where she knew she had found her true home.

Now located in Los Angeles, Anastasia continues to flourish in the fashion industry. Today we exclusively interview her

How did your upbringing in Kaliningrad, Russia, influence your decision to pursue a career in modeling and the arts? 

Honestly I have never seen myself pursuing one or the other until I have actually moved to live in Los Angeles, Ive been more into practical stuff but i have rediscovered my artistic side once i have immigrated .

Moving from Russia to Los Angeles is quite a significant change. What was the most challenging aspect of adapting to a new culture and pursuing a modeling career in a different country? 

I would say finding new friends. I am more on the introverted side so not much into parties, and people party a lot in Los Angeles. Modeling did actually help me find new friends so that made it easier for me. In terms of modeling everything fell into place very quickly so it felt like it was meant to be.

You mentioned being an avid painter from a very young age. How has your passion for painting translated into your modeling career, if at all? 

I did stop painting at some point and just recently found my passion back. I would say it helps me with the editing to see the tones and colors matching better.

You’ve traveled to 14 countries, which is impressive. Have these international experiences influenced your approach to modeling and how you present yourself on social media platforms?

Yes, for sure, I always liked taking pictures during my trips and that is how I first started growing my Instagram following. Eventually it lead to photographers reaching out to me wanting to shoot and me getting into modeling.

Your passion for astrology and tarot is intriguing. How do you incorporate this knowledge and interest into your life, and do you find any connections between these practices and your work as a model?

I do find those to be very usefull to get to know yourself better, what you are meant to do and whom you are meant to evolve to. Be more spiritual and in tune with your higher self. But I wouldnt say it helps me in the modeling career in any way, that is more for my personal practices.

Overcoming an eating disorder is a remarkable achievement. How did you find the strength and support to overcome this challenge, and has it influenced the way you view the modeling industry and its standards?

It has definitely been not an easy and quit depressing experience. I have never really told about it to anyone while i was dealing with it. As it felt like such a weird thing to be struggling with. I think in the modern world you should not be worried so much about standards but try to look your best while staying healthy. There are so many jobs that want diversity that it is more important to have a nice, interesting personality then being the skinniest person in a room.

Your journey from starting your modeling career to signing with an agency has been inspiring. What advice would you give to aspiring models who are looking to build a successful career in the industry? 

To keep your boundaries high and never let anyone make you do something you dont want to. Also making connections is key, so collaborating with other photographers, being friendly with other models is gonna lead to getting more jobs and opportunities. Having presentable portfolio on social media is also very important as clients look at it very often before booking a model.

Given your success on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, how do you balance personal authenticity with maintaining a positive public image in the digital world?

I mostly focus on modeling and fashion themes on my social media accounts which may not fully show my personality but it is a safe place to be. I do try to show more of myself on stories or youtube vlogs and i think being your true self is the key to creating a bond with your followers and finding like minded people. As to a positive public image, I am a really boring person who just works, creates art, dances and stays in a small circle so there is not much to hide at the first place.

Being born under such difficult circumstances and thriving despite the odds is truly remarkable. How do you think these early experiences have shaped your perspective on life and your approach to your modeling career?

I think everything should not be taken too seriously. Gotta stay calm in any situation, what is meant for you will never pass you by. But at the same time i do believe in hard work and persistence. Just if somebody rejected you, and you truly believe that is your dream, a bigger and better opportunity will find you at the right time.

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