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Achieve quick and easy eyeliner wings with Lovoir

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Achieve quick and easy eyeliner wings with Lovoir

Many make-up enthusiasts dream of being able to achieve quick and easy eyeliner wings, but drawing these on freehand can be really tricky and time-consuming. However, Lovoir has created an eyeliner flick stamp that will enable you to create flawless, symmetrical eyeliner wings in seconds, making frustrating hours in front of the mirror a thing of the past.

Here, we look at how Lovoir’s Flick Stick can help you to achieve quick and easy eyeliner wings, no matter how much experience you have in drawing them on yourself.

How to apply eyeliner wings quickly and easily

You might be wondering exactly how Lovoir’s Flick Stick will help you to apply eyeliner wings quickly and easily, especially if you’ve been struggling to draw these on freehand for years. The product’s secret is its revolutionary eyeliner wing stamp which will enable you to create the perfect flick in seconds. Each Flick Stick set comes with two dual-ended pens that have a wing stamp end and a liquid eyeliner end. The reason that there are two pens in each set is that there’s one for each eye, and this is why you can be confident that your eyeliner flicks will be perfectly symmetrical.

To use, remove the lid from the eyeliner wing stamp end of the pen and line the bottom of the stamp up with the upper lash line of the corresponding eye. Then, gently apply the stamp to your face to create the eyeliner flick. Replace the stamp’s lid and remove the lid from the liquid eyeliner end of the pen. Use this to fill in the wing and carry this along your lash line to create the look that you want. Repeat this on the other side and you’ll have flawless, symmetrical eyeliner wings in no time.

The beauty of this product is that it can be used by those with no experience in drawing on eyeliner wings, and those with unsteady hands. Using the Flick Stick requires no make-up skills at all, and after one use you’ll be wishing that you’d had this product in your make-up bag for years!

Will Flick Stick eyeliner wings last all day?

The team at Lovoir designed the Flick Stick so that it would last all day, and chose its ingredients specifically for this purpose. Oils and waxes have been used in the product to create a glossy, sleek wing that will stay in place, as these prevent the eyeliner from fading, cracking, or smudging. When you use the Flick Stick, you don’t need to worry about getting panda eyes, and frequent checks in the mirror will be a thing of the past when you realize just how long-lasting this product is.

For ultimate staying power, especially for those with hooded eyes or anyone in a humid climate, it is recommended that you prime your eyes before use, as this will create a layer between your skin and your eyeliner flick which will help it to stay put. You might also like to complete the look with setting powder for extra confidence that your eyeliner wings won’t budge. To keep your Flick Stick in a great condition, store horizontally to ensure even ink flow, keep it away from heat, and remember to replace the lids after use.

Additional benefits of Lovoir’s Flick Stick

If its easy application and long-lasting formula aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know that Lovoir’s Flick Stick boasts a number of other benefits too. As a collection of self-confessed animal lovers, the team at Lovoir has made sure that the Flick Stick is an ethical product that uses no animal by-products and is completely cruelty-free, so it’s perfectly suitable for vegans. This also means that no nasty chemicals are included, ensuring that your skin is safe from irritation or allergy flare-ups.

Another benefit of the Flick Stick is that it comes in three different sizes, so you’ll find that perfect match for you no matter what look you want to achieve. Whether you want an easy-to-wear everyday look or a bold, cat-eye look for going out, there’s a Flick Stick that suits you. If you don’t think you’re going to be able to choose, you can select a set that contains all three, giving you the freedom to create different looks for different occasions.

Ready to achieve quick and easy eyeliner wings with Lovoir? Head to where you can buy your Flick Stick today. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their outstanding customer reviews too.



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