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10th National Chopin Piano Competition Sponsored By Gray & Sons Jewelers

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Behind The Scenes

10th National Chopin Piano Competition Sponsored By Gray & Sons Jewelers

Miami, Florida – Gray & Sons is a well-known jewelry company and has been offering jewelry buying and selling services throughout the United States of America. Gray & Sons Jewelers takes pride in announcing that it has come forward and has sponsored the 10th National Chopin Piano competition, which took place in Miami from February 22 to March 1, 2020.

The 10th National Chopin Piano competition arranged by the Chopin Foundation of the United States is dedicated to the best select pianists, aged between 16 and 25, where they showcased their skills, leaving the audience awe-struck with their breath-taking performances. 26 top pianists from across the country started the competition with only 5 getting prizes. The winner of the tournament was awarded a cash prize of $100,000 and will get to represent the USA in the World Chopin competition in Warsaw, Poland in October 2020.

“Gray & Sons Jewelers is pleased to announce that they sponsored the 10th National Chopin Piano competition to witness the best pianists in action,” said Keith A Gray, CEO of Gray & Sons Jewelers, while addressing the audience at the prize distribution ceremony. “By sponsoring this competition and other cultural events like this, we are trying to play a significant role in promoting talented artists and attracting new pianists to compete at a high level of excellence,” he further commented.

Keith A Gray and his wife, Agnes Gray, distributed following awards to winners as mentioned below:

  • Tied Fourth Prize: Chelsea Guo – $5000
  • Best Sonata: Parker Van Ostrand – $2000
Keith Agnes Gray with Chelsea Guo
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Gray & Sons Jewelers have been partnering with Chopin Foundation for a long time, sponsoring their annual competitions over the years. In addition to working with Chopin Foundation, Gray & Sons Jewelers have been sponsoring various cultural and charity events ever since its inception.

 Keith A Gray used to play piano in his youth and has been fascinated by the field of music ever since. Keith is a passionate pianist himself and because of this bond, he is always on the look for musical and theatre-related events.

“Continual sponsorship is vital to our goal of promoting the young artists, and it was an honor to sponsor and identify those who are striving to master this field,” Keith A Gray maintained.

Keith A Gray believes that there are a large number of talented and creative musicians in the United States who experience difficulty in finding the right platform to showcase their talent. Gray & Sons Jewelers have supported the Chopin Foundation by providing the financial resources for the winners to transform their dream into reality. The owner of Gray & Sons Jewelers lauded the competition to be an incredible initiative and reiterated their resolve to continue supporting such initiatives. At Gray & Sons Jewelers, our goal is to offer financial resources for talented individuals from different walks of life, he noted.

Through this initiative, the Chopin Foundation hopes to offer new avenues for youth to participate in and benefit from the competition. 

The piano championship also encourages pianists to choose music as a field, helping shape the music industry. The Chopin Foundation also aims to expand its initiative further, and highlight the skills and achievements of talented pianists while using this platform to broaden the field. 

The recent competition, held with the sponsorship of Gray & Sons and various other sponsors, has made it one of the priorities to promote the piano talent and to provide more opportunities for men and women to be empowered through music irrespective of their ethnicities. 

About Chopin Foundation 

The National competition is the flagship event of the Chopin Foundation, and over the years, it has left a big influence on the careers of young pianists of America. The mission of Chopin’s foundation is twofold: to educate talented young pianists in the development of their career and, while doing so, open pathways to international pianists and to make the music, especially the classical music of Frederic Chopin, available to the masses. 

In 1975 and in partnership with the University of Miami’s School of Music, Mrs. Blanka Rosenstiel introduced the very First National Chopin Piano Competition in Miami.

Later in 1977, The success of the first competition encouraged Mrs.Rosenstiel to take the initiative of the Chopin Foundation of the United States (Chopin Foundation). The Chopin Foundation has continued to organize the national competition twice a decade. The tenth edition of the competition was organized earlier this year in Miami. The Chopin Foundation acknowledged the winners of the competition and rewarded the winners with huge prizes, thanks to the help offered by sponsors. The winners also receive plenty of perks such as access to prestigious gatherings and concerts across the globe.

About Gray & Sons Jewelers 

Gray & Sons is a renowned jewelry buying and selling company that was established in Miami in 1980. Since 1980, Gray & Sons Jewelers have been dealing in jewelry and watches. Gray & Sons Jewelers is one of the largest purveyors of pre-owned and new watches in the world. Principles like offering only the highest quality merchandise coupled with the highest quality service all at a substantial discount, have helped Gray & Sons grow significantly. Gray & Sons Jewelers have been serving Miami and nearby areas for over 4 decades. Gray & Sons Jewelers have been contributing to the various cultural and heritage events for the noble causes and to promote the cultural values in the United States. 

The mission of the company is to provide the best platform for sellers and buyers so that they can get the highest offers and the best products. One of the things that separate Gray & Sons from the competition is its on-site restoration facilities, where five Swiss-trained watchmakers with over 150 years of combined experience, and jewelers meticulously repair and restore vintage heirlooms to like-new condition. Gray & Sons delivers its catalog with new products every 5 weeks to more than 100,000 clients. You can visit their elite store across from the world-famous Bal Harbour shops.

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