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Vehid Abdullahi’s A-Game: How Hard Work and Determination Bring Success

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Vehid Abdullahi’s A-Game: How Hard Work and Determination Bring Success

Good things come to those who wait, but only if you work for them. Hard work always pays off, which is supported by the many stories of people who have achieved success. Even the world’s wealthiest people had to work hard for what they own today. No one ever becomes an overnight success! The same is true for producer and entrepreneur Vehid Abdullahi. He found his way to the top by taking it one step at a time.

Vehid was born in March 1983 and currently living in the United States. He has had a remarkable career in various industries. He started building his empire as a music producer at a very young age, focusing on making remixes, but he later scaled to composing and producing original songs. Vehid featured as a music producer in “Riverdale” (2017), “After” (2019), and “Quicksand” (2019).

Besides entertainment, Vehid has built a successful business empire. He is currently described as a business development manager, fintech and banking software expert, CEO, and founder of Palladium Payment Services, a new payment system projected to change fintech. This system allows e-commerce retailers to accept payment through crypto without knowing how cryptocurrency works. They also don’t have to worry about inflation. These businesses only need to create a Pallapay account, which is already a game changer!

Vehid graduated from California State University with a master’s degree in computer science and has made a name for himself in the industry. At just 39 years old, Vehid has a strong portfolio of clients. He has advised companies, business owners, and customers on managing their finances. Additionally, Vehid has used his skills and experience to help others with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technologies. And due to his hard work and success, he received the Taqdeer Award from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai.

However, Vehid had to overcome numerous challenges to achieve this success. He recalls having to acquire management skills to run multiple businesses. Thankfully, he adjusted and gained the skills and experience needed to be a successful entrepreneur. He also approached his challenge by hiring top talent to help him handle his workload. This proves you need supportive people around you to achieve your goals. Vehid believes in hard work. He says you have to earn a successful career, emotional satisfaction, and a good life if you want them—they will not be served to you on a silver plate. He also says that luck could be on your side, but you cannot depend on it to achieve your goals without hard work. Vehid also advises people to learn from their mistakes and be ready to fight their own battles because no one can do it better. That is what he did and will continue doing to be among the top in 10 years, which is his goal.

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