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The Best Etsy Discoveries For Your Teenage Engineering Gear

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The Best Etsy Discoveries For Your Teenage Engineering Gear

Teenage Engineering. The name brings visions of quirky synths, niche instruments and wild speakers. it also conjures visions of controversial price tags. (but that’s up for personal debate) but with such high end gear you always want to think about protecting that gear. and of course Teenage Engineering has their own branded cases, bags and pouches, and of course there’s the usual 3rd party protection suspects like Decksaver and Analog Cases, but I’m about to expose you to a resource that a lot of people haven’t considered.. ETSY.

Now I know it sounds wild. “why would I go to Etsy to get something to protect my $2000 OP-1 Field?” because you can get something that’s not only practical, but stylish and in some cases personalized. right now I’m about to show you 4 Etsy makers you cant ignore when it comes to getting a case or pouch for your Teenage Engineering gear

Based out of Germany this Etsy maker specializes in the Pocket operator. made with 3d printed and laser etched parts, SpillerPhoto provides a TRULY custom experience for your pocket operators. they have single, double and even triple unit peices, and they can add names, and logos to your cases. and even thought there are other companies like Beatmakers Boutique and Dich Studios, SpillerPhoto is the only one that does COMPLETELY custom work, and with cases starting at $24 its a real bargain

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based out of Turkey, Synth Toys provides more of a high-end protection experience for your T.E. gear. they have single and double units for the pocket operators, and single and double rack systems and boxes for the OP-1 and OP-Z made out of the finest walnut and beechwoods and even a limited edition case for the TX-6 and with a single pocket Operator stand starting at $20, and the high in demand OP-1 case/stand going for $125 Synth Toys will bring a bit of cool flair to your gear.

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Based out of Chicago, Module labs are one of the newest Etsy sellers but they made a HUGE impact right from the start with their TX-6 Defender. The TX-6 defender is a 3d printed case that is a LOT more solid than it sounds. “This case protects all the sensitive I/O of the TX-6 using robotically drawn plastic and a 2 part nickel plated carbon steel hinge” that’s the description, and it pretty much lives up to its claims. a very solid unit and a very solid price of $38. they also just released an accessory pack for the OP-Z and a Defender switch cover for the OP-1 field

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Based out of London, 79 Creations are the elite when it comes to leather cases/pouches for the OP-1/Field and OP-Z. hand cut, stitched and perforated, and in a variety of colors, a 79 Creations leather case is one of the best purchases you can get for your OP device. And the OP-Z case even has a hard inner shell for added protection. you can also order a optional cable organizer. these are very elegant cases and starting at $58 for the OP-Z case, and $116 for the OP-1 case they are a great find.

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In closing, Etsy is not so far fetched a place to find great quality protection for you Teenage Engineering Gear. go give these and other great sellers on the platform a look, you may just find a hidden gem.

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