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tAngerinecAt Mesmerizes on “Something Broke Inside”

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tAngerinecAt Mesmerizes on “Something Broke Inside”

The creation of non-binary Eugene Purpurovsky and non-binary Paul Chilton, tAngerinecAt just released a new single, “Something Broke Inside,” a track from their forthcoming album, Glass, slated for release later this year.

Simultaneously visceral, tempestuous, and haunting, “Something Broke Inside” churns and surges with intoxicating dollops of art-pop, doom, Gothic, and post-punk dynamism, resulting in an emotionally pulverizing and subliminally petrifying composition.

Explaining the song’s sheer pressure, Eugene told Jimi Arundell of Indie Is Not A Genre, “As someone with Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and dissociation, my personality has several parts – one of them contains a narrative about traumatic events, the other one remembers only the emotions associated with this narrative. So, I have amnesia, but I still have all these emotions manifested as pain in my body, and my story reminds me of itself through images and symbols that often come to me in dreams. When I express this in art, the pain decreases, and the more I talk about it, sing about it, play about it, dance about it on stage, the more people listen and hear me, the more I find a connection with myself, remember my history, find a way out and heal.”

“Something Broke Inside” recounts awakening from an ill-omened black dream, wherein the protagonist, like a pariah Job, vomits blood laden with splinters of glass, the flotsam, and jetsam of caustic relationships, aching hurt, and alienation.

Something inside, something fine and prone to fragmentation, ruptured, taking with it something at once noun and verb – a fiber of the soul’s quintessence. With Sibyllic tones, Eugene vocalizes her loss, splattering a halo of blood as she keens:

“Awoken in fear / By my silent scream / I dreamt of spitting shards with blood / Did something break inside? / What was that? / Something inside / Made of glass / Something fragile / The body didn’t hurt / But inside all torn / And screaming: ‘What was that?’”

A Jovian thumping rhythm underscores the threnodic chilling textures emerging from the hurdy-gurdy as if presaging dread from the bowels of hell. Squirming fractals of color emanate like grimaces from Paul’s Duda, saturating the tune in nastily tight fractals of sound. Stormy with ineffable passions from the phlogiston of the ancients, the harmonics project viscous angularity heavy with a vast vampiric tumble of ozone smelling vapors.

Wildly exotic, wickedly moussed with trenchant sonic semiotics, as well as thrumming stochastic resonance, “Something Broke Inside” enters the elevated realm of savage, cutting edge proto-punk.

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