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Sukajan Japanese Bomber Jacket

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Sukajan Japanese Bomber Jacket

There’s nothing like experiencing the Japanese culture! It’s definitely different and very elaborate in many ways. The colors and patterns of Japanese culture really can inspire anyone. Japanese culture not only is high fashion but carries a piece of history with it. That way our favorite piece is the Japanese sukajan jacket.

The beautiful history of the sukajan

The root of the sukajan can be traced all the way back to the post-world war II. Hand stitch designs on the back of troop jackets or on their sleeve. They would make these hands stitch designs out of leftover materials from the war, such as parachutes or leftover tent material. Some of the designs created would feature Japanese Cherry Blossoms, dragons or even geisha girls. The designs were then patched onto the jackets to commemorate their time in Japan!

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Evolution over time

After the war, the jacket was not forgotten about the next generation had carried it on as a high fashion statement. Sukajan jackets were worn by Young millennials in school that made the trend grow worldwide. Japanese jackets are special because they represent a time in history that we will never forget.

Types of Sukajan

Over the years fashion designers have developed many different types of sukajans. Some even tried to recreate the jacket. Here are some different types of sukajans you may like.


The authentic bomber jacket is sleek featuring bright silky colors that make the jacket stand out. It can be easily paired with jeans for a more relaxed look.

Matte Embroidery

The matte embroidery is famous for being simplistic but still traditional. Still keeping traditions patches on the jacket just with high-quality embroidery. The matte look gives off a more modern sophisticated look. You can pair this jacket with any dress pants of your choice.

Leather Sukajans

A more modern twist! The leather sukajan, has an edgy take on the leather bomber. The elevated sleek leather takes the jacket to a new level. The dark leather material adding a rebellious feel making it the most popular out of all the sukajans.


Another modern take to the sukajan, only you get double. The double sides jacket! It is like a gift that keeps on giving. If you get bored of the outside just turn it inside out and you have a new jacket. An inventive take on the jacket yet again! The double side sukajan is increasingly growing in youth fashion today.

The famous Koi

The Koi fish is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in the Japanese culture. This is another popular sukajan that never goes out of style! The koi jacket keeps its athletic cultural style while keeping its classic representation.

Japanese culture is so beautiful its unique and definitely a type of fashion that gets heads to turn. Sukajan Bomber jackets are colorful with hand-sewn embroidered designs on the back with a shirt collar. This one of a kind trendy bombers are specially made by Raikago Streetwear.

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