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Fashion Radar! @kenjithebarber takes fashion to another level!

by @raphee_v
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Fashion Radar! @kenjithebarber takes fashion to another level!

Photo by @raphee_v

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Why does fashion play a big part in Kenjithebarber’s lifestyle?

Kenji doesn’t just give out electrifying haircuts but also rocks the latest streetwear! Kenjithebarber seems to come dressed for any occasion! Kenji feels like it’s necessary to dress how you feel. Kenji says “ like when you’re out in public you want to represent you as a person through fashion.” Kenji also says “it doesn’t matter if you don’t have on the latest fashion or designer as long as you can put it together then that is what represents you as a person!”

by @raphee_v
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What kind of clothes does Kenji like to wear?

Kenji says he likes to wear his own made shirts or brands from his friends and family! Kenji wears popular Virginia brands like SSX (@ssxbrand) and Case Closed Clothing (@caseclosed___). Kenji says “ I would rather wear my own brand or my peers brand because I want to support anybody who is trying to take their business to another level!” Kenji also loves to wear Jordan 1s, balenciaga, gucci, yeezys, and Virginia very own Pusha T ozweegos! Kenji says” it doesn’t matter what city I’m in, I always like to wear Virginia fashion.”

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Who inspired Kenji?

Kenji looks up to celebrities like Gunna, Chico Bean, Fabolous, for outfit ideas! Kenji also looks up to some family members for shoe ideas like his uncle “Junny” (@lawrance81) and shop manager “fresh” (@B_morefresh). They always have the latest kicks out! Kenjithebarber says “Lil Baby (@lilbaby_1) inspired me on my jewelry, that’s who pushed me to get my own piece made!” Kenji will continue to pay attention to the latest trends but put his own little twist to it!

Fashion is an art a hobby a lifestyle, and should be practiced by everyone in the world!

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