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Stolen OnlyFans Content and How to Deal with it with

Stolen OnlyFans Content and How to Deal with it with
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Stolen OnlyFans Content and How to Deal with it with

If you are an OnlyFans creator and believe that your stolen OnlyFans content has been published around the Internet, you can take action to protect your OnlyFans content.

We discussed how to remove Stolen OnlyFans content with reputation management company VelSEOity. They offer a removal service for Stolen OnlyFans content for OnlyFans creators.

OnlyFans creators can make a lot of money, however, if your OnlyFans content is appearing on other sites and you are not being compensated or paid for your OnlyFans images, then you are a victim of copyright infringement. Paying subscribers are more than happy to pay for your intellectual property, however specific users who tend to steal content through OnlyFans leaks and otherwise and post copyrighted materials on their own web host or 3rd party sites are breaking the law and stealing from you. Stolen Onlyfans videos and images are an issue for all popular OnlyFans content creators, however, there are plenty of ways and means for you to take back control of your own content from Only Fans.

Often it takes no more than a Google image search to see if your OnlyFans content has been taken and if that’s the case the following article is here to help you take control of your intellectual property.

So, here are some steps to deal with this situation if you find your content has been stolen.  

1. Make direct contact with the website owner hosting the stolen content. 

If you are an OnlyFans content creator and you find your content on a 3rd party site that you didn’t give approval to the first thing to do is to contact the website owner via email or direct messages. The website owner will know what to do with stolen OnlyFans content. Sometimes it could be the proprietor of the website who has done the stealing, other times it may be that they too are victims of data theft and have bought stolen content without knowing. Sending an email stating your situation and providing them a link to the original content can be one way to alert them to the issue and have it resolved.  

Let them know in no uncertain terms that you will be sending an email to their site hosting service with a DMCA takedown notice if they do not promptly comply. Believe it or not, this is usually all it takes to have questionable/ stolen content deleted. Theft will disappear quickly after it is discovered, and no one wants to be causing problems for OnlyFans creators.  

 2. Send the website’s host a DMCA takedown notice to remove the stolen OnlyFans content. 

If the website owner has proved unresponsive to your request for help to remove the stolen OnlyFans content, it will be time to reach out to the website’s hosting service. This may also be necessary if you have not found any way to reach the website host. If either of these situations is true for you, you will need to Draft a DMCA notice once you have found who you need to contact to remove the stolen material.  

 There are a variety of templates you can use to do this to start the process to remove the stolen content, but there are some fundamental rules that are required in all DMCA notices, this includes:  

Information that will allow the host of the website to locate the infringing materials as well as information leading to the original website with the copyrighted content. This often means providing the URL to the OnlyFans content and a URL to the OnlyFans content that is being used unlawfully on the OnlyFans creator.   

Your contact information. You will need to provide the hosting business with your phone, email address, and street address that they can use to get in touch with you.  

The declaration of the author’s sincere belief that the use of this stolen Onlyfans content is not permitted by the owner, the agent, or the law.  

 A formal declaration, under the penalty of perjury, that all the information included in the notification is true and has been made on behalf of the owner’s pirated content.  

Typically, this is all you will need to make a report and send it to the hosting company of the infringing website. Within a day or two at the very most, OnlyFans creators who submit a request will get an official response from the web hosting company updating you on how they will amend this situation.  

3. Moving forward: Send Google a DMCA complaint. 

The removal of certain stolen content from search engines such as Google is the final action you can take if you have found that all other actions have failed up to this point and the DMCA team has failed you. This will mean that the infringing page will no longer be listed and no longer be of any use to the offender if the infringement accusation is substantiated and the Onlyfans content is stolen Onlyfans content placed on other sites without permission. Thus, the pirated content will be removed and no longer available on a search engine. This procedure must be repeated if you are dealing with stolen content listed on multiple pages within a single site.  

Q: How Can OnlyFans Be Made Private?   

A: Privacy can be adjusted in the “settings” interface. To set your account to private, choose “Settings,” “Privacy & Safety,” then set your account to “Fully Private.” — this will set your account to a fully private site.  

Q: Is It A Crime To Share OnlyFans Content?   

A: Sharing pirated OnlyFans content is a minor offense. For example, under the California Penal Code Section 647(j), anyone distributing “OnlyFans” content with malicious purpose can face fines as high as $1000 and face up to 6 months in jail. 

Q: Can OnlyFans Determine Whether You Screenshot?  

A: There has been some speculation about technology that can alert you if your OnlyFans account has been photographed and pirated content has been placed on another site. But the idea that OnlyFans can catch screenshots being taken and block them with the dark screen is all urban legend. As yet, there is no way to be alerted if your stolen content is being photographed on iPhone, Android, Smartphone, or tablet.  

 So, if you find your OnlyFans content has been stolen – we hope that this guide will help you to remove it from the other websites it has been placed on.

If you’re interested in help with removal of stolen content from copyright holders then contact VelSEOity for more information and help on the matter.


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