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Runway Waiters – Model Staffing for Luxury Events

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Runway Waiters – Model Staffing for Luxury Events

At high-end events where every detail matters, the staff can make or break the experience for guests. From serving food and drinks to handling logistics and ensuring everything runs smoothly, event staff plays a key role in creating a seamless and memorable experience, which is one of the reasons you need to invest in quality staffing. Runway Waiters understands this and are using model waiters to curate extraordinary events.

Runway Waiters (RWW) is a unique event staffing agency providing high-fashion models skilled in bartending, catering, brand promoting, and hosting upscale events, store openings, and parties. They are the only event staffing agency in the US that offers agency-signed high fashion models as wait staff and guest hosts. Runway Waiters gets their models from leading modeling agencies such as NEXT, Vision, Ford, and more.

The models not only have a unique sense of style and charisma that sets them apart from other wait staff, but they also have the necessary skills and experience to provide exceptional service, making them the perfect addition to any high-end event. Runway Waiters models are well-versed in all aspects of the event staffing industry. They are taught how to properly serve and present food and drinks, handle challenging situations, and anticipate guests’ needs. They are also trained in event etiquette, such as interacting with guests.

The Runway Waiter team is skilled in various events, including marketing campaigns, charities and fundraisers, red-carpet events, world premieres, brand promotions, and general staffing for events. Whether you need hot bartenders, greeters, cater waiters, promo models, or party staff, Runway Waiters has a team in place.

The company’s approach sets them apart in the event staffing industry and has helped cement its spot. Runway Waiters focuses on giving every attendee a memorable and unique experience and helping the client achieve their goals.

They understand that today, events are all about experiences. The demand for above expectations in the event staffing industry is so high, and to get people to your event and create a buzz around it, you need something extra special. Runway Waiters exceed these expectations by providing model event staffing.

The agency’s commitment to excellence and the quality of its services is evident from the feedback they receive from clients and its growing clientele. Runway Waiters has staffed high-end events and worked with big companies on car unveilings like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, and more. The agency has also worked at notable events including but not limited to the Grammy’s, Emmy’s, New York Fashion Week, Miami Art Basel, Hamptons fundraisers, Miami Art Basel, Coachella Festival, Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, celebrity special occasions, luxury hotel openings, and multi-million dollar real estate listings for open houses, private viewings, and client meetings.

Runway Waiters currency serves Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston. They are working on having their services available to other parts of the US and hopefully outside the country. As the event staffing industry evolves and the demand for above expectations for high-end events continues to rise, Runway Waiters provides a way to make your event special and memorable. From hot bartenders to promotional staff, brand ambassadors, promo models, catering, event staff, wait staff, and party staff, they have agency-signed models to fulfill all these roles.

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