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Music marketer Dough From Da Go, talks “Mineral Water” & More!

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Music marketer Dough From Da Go, talks “Mineral Water” & More!

Dough, such a pleasure…what’s been going on with your much-anticipated release “Mineral Water The Album”?

The million-dollar question! LOL! I’ve completed nearly 200 songs with so many artists and producers in the last 3 years, and my team and I are narrowing down a solid project for the true hip hop fans. Until it’s release, we have decided to released 31 songs all march by dropping “31 days of Water” which included a lot of B-sides, bootlegs, and freestyles of material we didn’t end up using.

You can stream that here: ALSO, be sure to visit:

“Mineral Water The Album” Coming Soon! I Promise its extremely worth the wait!

You’ve been in the game for a minute, dating back to the Stack Or Starve movement and have accomplished things such as the Def Jam account as well as others. Still, you seem to love being behind the scenes. Do you ever feel pressure to adapt or conform to stay afloat?

I love pressure! I don’t get caught up in smoke and mirrors BS. For instance, me doing this interview…most times you have to go through 1-3 people to get to the person. I think that’s ridiculous. People do that to seem elite. I’m not into that.

I’m from the South Side of Chicago and that’s one thing I can say about the South Side and the city of Chicago alone.. we grow up, some go to college, some get married, but we support our families, and we take pride in Hustling. I still live that lifestyle; I just market and contribute to brands for a living. But with my family, I leave Dough From Da Go at the door. It’s funny. People respect my work ethics, but they also respect a ‘Cool a**hole” lol!

Like, people always say I’m so cool when they meet me, and I’m thinking, “How am I supposed to be?” But my family comes first, and I just can’t see myself being Hollywood. I’d rather take the stairs and hustle hard no matter how long it takes, then gets on the elevator and be a sucka.

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Chicago hip hop has really risen since the emergence of Drill Music. With new talent like Juice World, G Herbo & Valee to name a few. Are you proud of the recognition that Chicago has been getting lately?

I’m happy that Young, black people, especially from my city are making money, legally. I’m happy about that. Any Black man or woman getting money, and as crooked as this industry is, and they ain’t out hurting nobody, I’m all for that. The new talent in my city is super dope asf! They are all the voices of the youth, so that is something that can be appreciated at the same time.

With that being said, the recognition is cool, but they need to know not only is our city originators when it comes to slang and influence but Chicago is also extremely diverse musically! And although I do understand some of the new music out today, I try to look at it like some music isn’t made for me and my generation, it’s for these high school kids.

The only thing missing today from music is education and homage. I can definitely appreciate the recognition though. And I’ve come to realize, as I grow older, there’s going to be more followers so to speak. The internet controls most of today’s music fans minds. Clout chasing is at an all-time high, and everyone thinks they are famous lol.

Word on the street is you’re co-managing another emerging artist from the windy city who goes by “Bandman Kevo”. What’s that situation, and when is the new music coming?

Yes, the Finesse God is home! S/o Bandman Kevo, our new artist/client who just came home from a 30-month bid via Federal Prison. He is the most talked about a rapper from Chicago in a long time, and it’s a blessing to be a part of not just his team, but his vision and journey!

Bandman has an incredible work ethic and vision for himself as well as his label Bandklan Ent. As far as new music, we are mapping out his rollout as we speak, and he will be releasing a very extensive amount of content in the form of music visuals and single releases, as well as some other surprises in the works we can’t really speak about due to pending dealings. Follow @Bandman_Kevo on Instagram & Twitter.

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You also have a clothing brand called “Bag Language LTD.” Tell us about the brand and its progress

We are a new brand, rising and doing so in a “patient “and “student to the game” type way! We want to be here to stay and are still finding ways to level up the brand and market to our consumers on a daily.

We are on our fourth season and are proud of the success we’ve had thus far with our past pop-ups & fashion shows. Upcoming plans include leather bags, backpacks, and handbags for ladies. Please visit: ALSO Follow @baglanguageclothing on Instagram.

People know you’re laid back, but business savvy at the same time,  which I think is dope. How do you balance life in an industry that seems to thrive on business and a lot of time-consuming dedication?

I pride myself on giving 100% of my attention to all of my passions, brands, and clients at hand. So, I’m not the kind of person who’ll be checking Social media all the time or emails from my phones, I have interns and an assistant (S/o Peaches). But I apply that same thinking to my time at home or on vacation—giving my [family/hobbies, etc.] my full focus. I’ve found that allows me to recharge so I can give my all during the workweek without burning out.

How can people stay in touch with you?



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