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Mr. NYC Subway is Changing the Photography Game

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Mr. NYC Subway is Changing the Photography Game

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Andreas Verrios decided to jump ship across the country to Manhattan, New York, where he would pursue a career in business law. After a few years in the field, Andreas was no longer passionate about his career and decided to go down a different route.

Andreas began to pull inspiration from his everyday commute to his job. He ultimately saw a vision that he could chase and went after it. “My sole objective when starting this pursuit was to enhance the quality of lifestyle for myself and those around me who commuted during the morning and evening rides to and from work. I wanted to make the environment a more enjoyable one by bringing positive energy to it with my friend/singer Rae Isla,” says Verrios. Eventually expanding into a wider photography field, Andreas Verrios would’ve never earned the Mr. NYC Subway name had he not begun his journey there.

Fast forward to the present day, and Andreas is now a professional photographer who captures portraits, street photography, and landscape images sold worldwide. Mr. NYC Subway worked day in and day out to make his dream a reality. He’s changing the photography industry with his unorthodox methods of capturing an image. Stay connected with Mr. NYC Subway to keep up with the work he plans to release in 2021.

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