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Meet Relationship Expert & Astrologer Iryna Kutsenko Of Stars About Stars

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Meet Relationship Expert & Astrologer Iryna Kutsenko Of Stars About Stars

Iryna Kutsenko is the founder of STARS ABOUT STARS, an astrology-based initiative that combines relationship coaching with astrological influence for individuals and hosts seminars and events for larger groups. With a background as an astrologer and a passion for the art of communication and relationships, Iryna believes that being happy on the inside is the key to building innovative and beautiful things for the world outside.

Iryna is also the creator of the first astrology-based podcast for Love & Career seekers, which helps individuals understand who they truly are, their purpose in life, and find meaningful connections. She is a recognized Ukrainian author, journalist, and screenwriter, having published four books in her native language and soon to release her fifth English book about relationships in the United States.

With a master’s degree in Diplomacy, International and Economic Relations from the University of International Economic Relations, Kiev, and a second higher degree in Psychology, Iryna is also a certified relationship coach with numerous extra spiritual education in astrology, numerology, access bars, theta-healing, and more.

Iryna believes in the power of numbers and considers them a great instrument that can bring a better understanding of one’s own birth potential and help find the key to quality relationships with people around.

Through her working and education career in the creative arts and business center, Iryna has developed a niche company that nourishes the events market in Boca Raton and all South Florida with a perspective to be a part of the USA market as she started to do her astrology-based interviews online also.

In her own words, “The name of my show is STARS ABOUT STARS. While COVID challenge 2020 I started to do astrology-based interviews with celebrities in Ukraine, Russia, Monaco and GB. With their great biographies, I wanted to present to my followers real lives of real people with all their ups and downs with a clear understanding that no matter what they never gave up and followed their dreams.”

For Iryna, every person is a Star, and one does not have to be a celebrity to become a guest on her podcast. All that is required is an open heart, a readiness for change, and a search for love and a meaningful connection.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the STARS ABOUT STARS podcast and how it
differs from other astrology-based podcasts out there?

For me every person is a shining star. That’s all about it. First of all there are not too many astrology-based podcasts. I guess because some people don’t give proper appreciation to the powerful science that is astrology. In Greece this sacral knowledge had a lot of value and was one of basic subjects in school. Nowadays exist two categories of people: astrology followers and haters who think it’s all from evil. I think it’s all from God as the appearance of the first individual horoscopes dates back to approximately V-IV centuries BC.e. In the III century it was already observed and admitted an influence of Sun and Moon on humans. If big sky elements influence oceans and seas, ebbs and flows. Probably, it does influence peoples, their destinies and moods as we are all 70% water. So my huge respect to this astrological knowledge that puts power of sky and earth together gave me an inspiration to combine it with the biggest value for me in life – relationships.

As a relationship specialist with astrological expertise, can you walk us through how astrology plays a role in finding a meaningful connection in both love and career?
When we are born, our individual Sun and Moon have proper location in Zodiac as well as other
elements. This solar system elements have fixed location in zodiac signs, houses of horoscope and
aspectology between each other. These sky relationship (you can call it “Star Passport”) determine a
personal birth-chart potential that gives a lot of understanding of a possible mission in life,
professional activity, health issues, business and love relationships, character at all etc.
Plus there is such a technique in readings as synastrium that talks about astrological compatability
in relationships. People are attracked for unkown karmic reasons. It’s all about energy but astrology
can help you to find a key to a better understating of yourself and your beloved one unique

Can you give us a sneak peek into what listeners can expect from your upcoming book about
relationships and zodiac signs?

My book is a beautiful novel. It’s not an astrology guide. It’s a great love story with 12 chapters from
which you will get a cool idea of seeing people being different. I talk how people with a diverse
Venus location experience and deliver feelings. Planet of love in Aries could be jalouse but
extremely caring. Venus in Virgo is very organized and detailed, touchable; as well as Venus in
Cancer whose level of sensitivity is very high but they have great family orientation. Since you know,
you start to understand and accept people as they are. And from this clear understanding a real love
stars. We have to know whom we deal with, otherwise it’s not love but illusion.

How do you incorporate your background in diplomacy and international relations into your work as an astrologer and relationship expert?
Astro-psychology appeared to be my second education. Dimplomatic background and traveling
experience showed me a variety of mentalities, nationalities all over the world. In USA you see them
all since childhood but not in Ukraine where I was born. When I was 13 y.o. I first time traveled to Cambridge and picked up some traits from great people of Great Britain. Traveling build you up. Then I obtained Master degree in the Institute of International Relationship that gave me love to languages and diplomatic skills. I use those until now

You’ve mentioned that you have studied numerology, access bars, and theta-healing. Can you
explain how these practices relate to astrology and relationship coaching?

All these sciences are related. It’s considered you have four energetic centers. Three of them are
located in your physical body: sexual, soul and mental. The forth one is an invisible connection with
your Higher Spirit. When you practice meditation, you speak to your heart. When you do you yoga,
you work out your body. When you get a session of access bar with touching spots on your head it
relaxes you and liberate bad energies, fulfils your body. This list is long. No metter what you do –
you or gain, or lose energy. It’s about it. This is the answer.

How do you balance the spiritual and holistic aspects of your work with the more practical aspects of relationship coaching?
Easy. Naturally. All what exists in material world existed long time ago in a spiritual invisible world.
That’s why the same ideas come to different people. They say your head should be in the Sky and
your feet should stay on the ground.

Can you share any success stories of clients who have found love or career success through the
guidance of astrology and relationship coaching?

Watch my show on my YouTube platform, listen to it in Apply Podcast and Spotify and you will get
the answer. It’s always the same name STARS ABOUT STARS.

With the official launch of STARS ABOUT STARS, what are your goals for the company and how do you see it evolving in the future?
Official launch is going to happen 20 th of April 2023 in Chamber of Commerce of Boca Raton, Florida. You are welcome to join us. Our goal and slogan: “ Meet your Destiny on Air!”

Can you talk about the importance of communication in relationships and how your work as a
relationship expert helps couples improve their communication skills?

Do you know what is number One reason of divorce cases in USA? It is a lack of commitment. It’s an
ego game who is more powerful, important, stronger. And do you know what is my favorite saying
about that? – I don’t want to be right. I want to be happy. That what gives you a qualitied work with a
relationship specialist. Understanding that small things can’t influence and destroy big feeling.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in astrology and relationship coaching
but is unsure of where to start?

Call me. Or text me in direct. Or email me. I mean STARS ABOUT STARS. Joking. Be ready to fall in
love with yourself first as you are!

You Can Follow Iryna On Instagram @starsaboutstars


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