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Meet Film Director Devin J. Ricks

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Devin J. Ricks


Meet Film Director Devin J. Ricks

Devin J. Ricks is an American Film Director. His most recent breakthrough film (Love Cycle: Situations PT. I) was recently featured in AMC theaters. The plot follows the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows of three very unique love affairs and the drama that follows their relationship. Today we had the opportunity to chat with him about his career, goals and personal journey.

The first thing I do in the morning is…    

The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone/notifications; to force myself to officially wake up (laughs) & then I open my blinds and look out the window & thank my creator (the universe) for another day. It’s a combination of daily affirmations mixed with gratitude/small reflection. After that, I make up my bed and get movin’! 

The last thing I googled was…   

Hmmm let me check my phone. The last thing I googled was the Mr. Krabs meme. The one when he looks scattered/lost like he doesn’t know which direction he wants to go in (laughs). I was showing it to my mom the other night. 

If my days had one extra hour…   

If my days had one extra hour I would either sleep or stay up longer watching TV at night. I love daylight savings when we technically get that extra hour once a year (laughs). 

The best advice I ever received was… 

The best advice I received; off the top of my head, would be about perspectives. “Everyone is operating on their own level of consciousness.” It helps me understand the spaces people are in & not to get upset if someone doesn’t quite understand my level of thinking & vice versa.  

When I’m stressed…   

When I’m stressed I either do some quick positive thinking to calm myself down or if I’m home, I usually just take a quick nap. It’s a good way to escape mentally for a few. Sleep is the best! 

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Devin J. Ricks At The BET Awards

When my self-confidence has taken a hit…   

When my self-confidence has taken a hit, I just remind myself how far I’ve come & who I am. It’s a nice “mirror check” or “pep talk” usually; if I can’t get to a mirror at the moment. You know that Kermit The Frog meme when he’s looking in the mirror with his hood on? Yeah, that usually sums it up (laughs). 

My guilty pleasure is… 

Guilty pleasure? Hmmm eating some sort of junk food or watching a movie/series, especially when I know I have something more important to do (laughs). 

My most memorable career highlight was…   

My most memorable career highlight was when I moved to LA (2016). It was the best decision I made & still carry fond memories of. It was the time I started embarking on the entertainment business & met so many Hollywood creatives in my field. A complete culture shock. If I could squeeze in a second one, it has to be when I drove 16hrs to Miami to do media coverage for the BET Hip Hop Awards (2017). The experience will forever be an amazing time in my life. It was odd when I went the following year, the “thrill” didn’t quite feel the same. I guess Drake was right, “but get it while you’re here boy, cause all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy” (laughs). Big S/O’s to Drizzy! 

A career achievement I’m dying to check off is…   

A career achievement I’m dying to check off is to direct/produce a Hollywood production using A-list actors & production team. I’m eager to see how high my imagination can go without any financial limitations. When that time comes, it will be epic! 

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Devin J. Ricks On The Red Carpet

If you looked at my desktop you’d see…   

Currently you will see a small Christmas tree sitting on top of my printer. Holiday season! Also, you will see several momentos (one being a Barack Obama dollar bill), my college degree & a decorative metal cross my grandmother gave me titled “Journey.” It contains two bible verses, Jeremiah 29: 11-13 & Psalm 32: 8. She actually gave me that when I moved to LA (what I spoke about earlier). I always keep it near. 

My most memorable travel experience was…   

I have so many! But my most memorable travel experience has to be my most recent (2021). It was when I went to Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico. It was a great trip to bring in my 30th birthday. Gemini season! You know I like to squeeze a few more things in (laughs). Another trip would be when I went to Toronto, Canada, Las Vegas & Los Angeles for the first time. 

I’m dying to splurge on… 

It ain’t trickin’ if you got it (laughs). Something I’m dying to splurge on is “adult” things, like new cars, homes (furniture), clothes etc. I’m eagerly awaiting the moment I can just spend cash like it’s not an object. It’s more of a creative thing for me. I’m waiting to see what lifestyle I can create through the style & decoration of my earthly possessions. Empire wave! Shine bright like a diamond (smiles). 

One thing people don’t realize about the TV/Film industry is…   

One thing they don’t realize is that it is actually easy to break into the TV/Film industry (get your first start). Especially in today’s time. You just have to know where to look/start (entry levels). What actually makes the journey more “difficult” per say at times is leveling up & getting your moment in the sun (maintaining). It’s a few things in my opinion I had to learn that I don’t think a lot of people know, but I’ll stick with that one.  

My most treasured possession is… 

My most treasured possession is my car. We’ve had a lot of great moments/memories together; everything in between. It’s been with me since college! I call him Monte Carlo. 

My biggest career regret is…   

My biggest career regret was putting emotion before logic! I will never do that again. Being left holding the “bag” as they say is never a good feeling. Also, trusting the wrong people. Never let anyone take you for a ride. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is! 

One thing I wish people knew about me is…   

One thing I wish people knew about me is that I’m smarter than I look. Never take my kindness or “charm” for weakness (smiles). The poker face will always be my strong suit. Ohh and I don’t give a **** (laughs). Can I say that? Oh well. It’s something I wish people knew about me; right? (smiles). All jokes aside, I’m a nice guy! I just like to keep a balance in this crazy world. I can’t be that “nice guy” that always finishes in last place, if you catch my drift. Let the best man win! Pow, pow, pow (in my best Tasha Mack voice). I love that show by the way. S/O’s to “The Game!” Alright, enough of my shenanigans (laughs). It’s been a pleasure. Great speaking with you all! Take care. 

You can follow Devin On Instagram @prime_time_dev

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