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Meet Fashion Model & Influencer Nastya Swan

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Meet Fashion Model & Influencer Nastya Swan

Nastya Swan is a fashion model & influencer with over 890,000 Instagram followers. To date she has modeled for brands including L’Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger, Maybelline and more. Today she answers our quick fire questions…

The first thing I do in the morning is… meditation is the first thing I do every morning and affirmations to start and set my day. It changed my life 

The last thing I googled was… healthy easy recipes for winter:) 

Nastya Swan Making An Appearance At Clarins Event During Art Basel, Miami

If my days had one extra hour… I would spend it on talking more to my mom. 

The best beauty advice I ever received was… don’t change your natural beauty. Use your insecurities as your power. You are beautiful naturally no matter what. Less is more. 

My desert island beauty product is… sunscreen spf 40😂🙏🏼

When I’m stressed… I meditate or I play piano or I go on a walk. 

When my self-confidence has taken a hit… when I stopped trying to be like someone else. I started focusing on how my body feels or looks at this moment. When I am at this point of life is different from other people. I can only compare myself to myself yesterday. And I taught myself not to have a negative self talk ever. It doesn’t help or serve you in any situation.

My guilty pleasure is… chocolate cake or cookies. 

Nastya Swan Modeling For Givenchy In New York

My most memorable career highlight was… being an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris for Cannes film fest in 2019. The red carpet moment was unforgettable.

When it comes to working out… I discipline myself. I never skip a workout only if I’m sick. Not because I have to but because I know it always tells me to change my mood and day 360 degrees. I always feel better after a good sweat.

A career achievement I’m dying to check off is… launch my wellness app and help women to be healthier, happier and find balance with their body.

If you looked at my desktop you’d see… flowers, notebook for journaling, computer.

My most memorable travel experience was… Kenya, Africa. The connection with nature, no wifi or signal is unforgivable. Seeing elefants, lions and giraffes every morning from your window and the wild life is just makes you reevaluate your life and start appreciating small real things.

I’m dying to splurge on… my tiktok account. In just 3-4 months I could build such a wonderful community of 200.000 women who like to take care of themselves and be healthy. 

One thing people don’t realize about the fashion industry is… that almost everything is fake. That’s why I left it:) 

Nastya Swan At Paris Fashion Week

My favorite place to shop is… Whole Foods and net a porter 

The best advice for looking great in a photo is… embrace your personality and strongly push your OWN style. If you really want to be successful do exactly the opposite of what everyone does.

One thing I wish people knew about me is… that when I listen to someone and don’t react it doesn’t mean I’m not listening to them or dont care. It means I have a very important thought process in my head at that time😂 happens too often. 

You can follow Nastya on Instagram @nastyaswan




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