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Meet Fashion Model & Influencer Daria Kyryliuk

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Meet Fashion Model & Influencer Daria Kyryliuk

Daria Kyryliuk, a Ukrainian model, influencer, and entrepreneur, has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. With her rising career and empowering message of self-love, she has become a role model for young women worldwide. Through her eco-friendly mindset and dedication to sustainability, she emphasizes the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. As the founder of Verano Swimwear, Kyryliuk has channeled her passion for the beach and the carefree spirit of summer into a celebrated brand, featured in a Vogue Ukraine campaign, that celebrates the simple pleasures of life. Her advocacy for self-care and environmental consciousness sets her apart in the modeling world and inspires her followers to make positive changes in their own lives. Today we exclusively interview her.

Can you tell us about your journey in the fashion industry, from starting your modeling career at 18 to becoming an influential figure today?

I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and lived there for 2 years. Afterwards I was modelling in Europe and took a year off to study interior design and than did internship in the leading European design studio. Meanwhile I was working on my instagram feed and was still modelling from time to time. Now I’m living in paris where I took a course in contemporary art in Sotheby’s. For me everything is about balance. I’m trying to work and study and give my best at everything I’m doing. Recently I signed with Elite Miami and planing to come work there this year. 

What motivated you to start Verano Swimwear, and how does it reflect your personal values and love for the beach?

 I created my swimwear brand during Covid 19 because modelling was off and we were stuck home. It was an interesting journey creation this brand. We exist from spring 2021 till nowadays and selling in France, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

As an advocate for self-care, what are some specific self-care practices that you believe contribute to feeling confident and beautiful?

For me the most important is the lifestyle. Eating healthy, sleeping well, enough water during the day and of course exercises.

How do you balance your busy schedule as a model, influencer, and entrepreneur? How do you find time for yourself and your well-being?

I love doing what I’m doing and enjoying every aspect of modelling, working on my swimwear brand and studying arts and design.

Can you tell us about the recent Vogue Ukraine campaign featuring Verano Swimwear? What was the feedback from the media, and how do you feel about the brand’s growing recognition?

Our latest campaign for Verano swimwear was a big success but also a lot of hard work. It took us 3 weeks  to prepare for the photoshoot and video campaign. More than 20 people working on that and it came out magical. Very grateful for the feedback from vogue. It was a proud moment for our team 

How do you incorporate environmental sustainability into your personal life and your brand? Can you share some tips for our audience on making small changes to reduce plastic waste?

I think it’s very important to sort garbage and also minimise using plastic in a daily life.

What challenges have you faced as a young woman in the fashion industry, and how have you overcome them?

 A lot of jealousy and hate from people. When you are a self-made woman trying really hard to archive success it’s gonna be a lot of people standing on your way. You get stronger and stronger with time. Right now I feel very confident and relaxed about haters, but when I was younger girl I was much more naive and sensitive.

What advice would you give to aspiring models and entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole?

Be strong, don’t listen to people and go where your heart tells you to go. 

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