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Meet Actress, Model & Influencer Dorien Rose Duinker

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Meet Actress, Model & Influencer Dorien Rose Duinker

Dorien Rose Duinker, born and raised in Hong Kong, discovered her passion for theater at a remarkably young age of four. This early inclination towards the performing arts paved the way for an illustrious career spanning various fields. As she ventured into the international modeling scene, Dorien captivated audiences worldwide with her exquisite beauty, gracing the covers of more than sixty esteemed magazines and starring in numerous commercials.
In 2005, her remarkable allure led to her being crowned the first Dutch Playmate of the Year by the readers of Playboy, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the modeling industry. She adorned the covers of renowned publications like Glamour, Elle, Cosmogirl, Elegance, Playboy, and Marie Claire, while her captivating presence also adorned billboards across the globe as the face of SAPPH lingerie and REVLON for several years.
Beyond her modeling achievements, Dorien’s artistic abilities extended into the realm of acting. She showcased her talent in notable film productions such as “Moordwijven” (2007), “Amsterdam Heavy” (2011), and “Dans met de Duivel” (2015), as well as in popular television series like “Voetbalvrouwen,” “Shouf Shouf!,” and “Gooische Women.” Additionally, she served as a co-presenter on the entertainment channels TMF and MTV.
Dorien’s artistic contributions didn’t stop at modeling and acting; she also lent her presence to music videos for esteemed artists like Lange Frans, Di-rect, and Fedde le Grand. Her charisma even extended to hosting various programs, including “Dennis vs. Valerio” (BNN) and “Gordon on the Floor” (RTL 4), where she left an indelible mark.
In 2009, Dorien took on the role of sidekick for Giel Beelen in the program “Nachtegiel,” and she was subsequently recognized as the most successful Dutch Playmate ever. Her success extended far beyond the Netherlands, as her appeal and allure graced the pages of men’s magazines in over 15 other countries. Notably, she attained the top spot on the Brazilian Playboy Top 100 list, further solidifying her international acclaim. Additionally, her single “POWNED” under the name P3 achieved a remarkable feat by reaching number one on the top 100 charts.
Since 2014, Dorien has channeled her talents into filmmaking and dedicated her time as a volunteer for World Animal Protection (formerly WSPA). Simultaneously, she participated as one of the 24 candidates in the third season of the Dutch version of the TV game show “Fort Boyard.” Her multifaceted talents continued to shine as she appeared on the RTL 5 program “Shopping Queens VIPS” in 2015, albeit finishing in last place.
In 2018, Dorien mesmerized audiences once again in her role as a seductress on Videoland’s television program “Temptation Island VIPS.” Her ability to captivate and engage viewers was evident throughout her appearances on the small screen.
From 2020, Dorien embraced a new role as an influencer, utilizing her platform to voice criticism against certain policies implemented to combat the Covid pandemic. Notably, she participated in the #ikdoenietmeermee movement, which united well-known Dutch personalities associated with the Virus Waarheid foundation through an app group.
Dorien Rose Duinker’s career has exemplified her remarkable versatility, allowing her to excel in modeling, acting, presenting, music, and more. Her magnetic presence, both on and off the screen, continues to captivate audiences and inspire those around her. Today Muzique had the opportunity of interviewing her…

Can you tell us about your early experiences in theater and how it influenced your career path?

When I was growing up in Hong Kong primary school theatre was a part of the school system with musicals. There I was always different, changing lyrics of songs because in all honesty I didn’t know the real lyrics and sometimes I still do that as a grown up. Maybe it’s because I was growing up as a multi lingual person and always have been living in my own fantasy world. For me performing in any way was always a way to be ok with being a weirdo and don’t minding what other people think of me. I’ve always been a foreigner in sense. 

With your extensive international modeling career, what were some of the highlights or memorable moments for you?

I can’t pick out one. I enjoy almost all moments in life and with every new experience I think at the time that that’s the highlight. I don’t tend to live in the past and always enjoy every second of it. Also with lower periods of being treated bad for example. I don’t dwell in it even though every time I have had a broken heart or suffer a loss of a loved one for example it seems like the worst time ever. But I usually get over shit very fast. I’m an in the moment kind of person and the most important thing for me is to enjoy life to the fullest and making myself happy every day. 

How did it feel to be voted the first Dutch Playmate of the Year in 2004, and what impact did that have on your career?

This at the time was an amazing feeling. It was already an honor to be part of the first only Dutch playmates year but winning it was totally unexpected because I never considered myself to be popular or beautiful when I was young. I was always the odd one out living in my own world. My entire modeling career starting off from there and that was also kind of weird because it is unusual for a glamour model to turn in to a fashion model. When my shoot was published Elite Model agency found me and that career started from there. 

As an actress, you’ve played roles in various films and series. Could you share some insights into your favorite projects and the challenges you faced as an actress?

My favorite career thing to do was acting. The people are much different from the modeling world which I never really enjoyed that much. I love food and open people and a lot in the industry are kind of uptight and living by their own rules regarding to things like living on salad (which I don’t eat) and drinking only vodka and water. Going from one audition to another for a modeling gig was a thing I actually hated. And not having fun in between as well. So I was happy to be enrolled in the film industry because everybody is weird and does their own thing and is ok with being who they want to be. I love weirdos who live in the moment. I never had to work hard as an actress. Yes it’s long days but I never had to make an effort. This comes naturally and most of the time I didn’t even have to audition. The only things which sometimes I got tired of in the beginning was always being type cast in the same kind of sexy femme fatale roles in the beginning but that has changed in the meantime and has made me flourish more as an actress. 

Your work as a co-presenter on TMF and MTV must have been exciting. What were some of the most memorable experiences you had while working in the music industry?

That was more fun like hanging out with creatives and getting to know funny artists. Later on I got even made a song in which I rapped and that song came in at number 1 in the charts. It never has been a career that I really wanted to do but it just happened because it was fun at the time. Being in the music industry as a co host for MTV/ TMF and the national tv and radio show was just a lot of fun with a lot of great moments. Like just having fun with your kind of people. 

You’ve also been involved in the production of video clips and TV program leaders. How did you find this experience, and what motivated you to explore this aspect of the industry?

When I had a boyfriend who was a filmmaker he didn’t really like me to work in front of the scenes.only in his own movie.  If I had night shoots for another movie I was doing at the time he got really jealous and because I hate conflicts I decided to help him out behind the scenes. 

In 2009, you were named the most successful Dutch Playmate ever. What do you believe contributed to your success and popularity internationally?

I have no idea to be honest because I’ve never been ambitious for having a career in modeling but I just go with the flow and see where life wants to take me and try to enjoy every second of it. I think things happen for a reason and you can’t really plan anything. Maybe that’s my secret. Not trying to be something I want to be but just to be me.

Can you tell us about your transition into filmmaking and your role as a volunteer for World Animal Protection? How did these experiences shape your perspectives and priorities?

I’ve always had a true deep love for animals. Since I had a bank account I have donated to animals right  foundations. But because we don’t really know what happens to the money you spend I wanted to do something real. They feel like innocent children to me and don’t have a say in how humans treat them so when I was working as a filmmaker I wanted to show some parts of how animals are treated in this world and what we as humans can do to make it better. 

Being a participant in the Dutch version of the TV game show Fort Boyard must have been quite an adventure. What were some of the challenges you faced during the show, and what did you take away from that experience?

I had to do literally everything i was scared of but when I face a challenge I take it because I always have a need to win and don’t lose face so I did everything I had to do and won all the challenges. It was too bad my teammates where a little weaker than the other teams so we lost in the end anyway:) 

In recent years, you’ve been active as an influencer and expressed your views on various topics. Could you elaborate on your involvement in the #ikdoenietmeermee movement and your critique of the Covid pandemic policies? What drove you to take a stand on this issue?

From the beginning this whole thing felt like a scam to me so I spoke about it online and got such a backlash from mainstream channels that usually ate out of my hands. Everybody just did what they were told and believe me what they were told. And I came in contact with doctors, scientist and other people who had dedicated their life’s before in how viruses worked and those people were censored. It was clear that there was a different agenda behind this deception. It was a flu shot hi h they gave a different name and looking at statistics it wasn’t so different from another bad flu year. But people have been ripped from their freedom and lost their businesses and money. Being even more dependent on the system than ever before. As soon as they introduced the jabs a lot more people are dying but then we don’t hear the media now and no alarm bells are ringed. This has been worldwide the biggest deception of humanity and i can’t help myself but I feel the need to speak out and hope people will never let themselves be deceived like this in the future. In 2020 I met my soulmate Willem Engel, who is the biggest fighter for human rights in the Netherlands and with our team we work with international heroes and whistleblowers like Robert Kennedy jr, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory and Scott Jensen to expose the real agenda behind these crimes against humanity. Because being free and having a free mind who doesn’t fall for the propagated narrative is the only way to stay smart in this world. Otherwise we are like pigs led to the slaughter in the form of a slave like totalitarian surveillance state. 

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