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Joseph Lizyness talks about angel investing and the music industry

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Joseph Lizyness talks about angel investing and the music industry

In most recent years, it is becoming easier for ambitious entrepreneurs to actually become successful. The music scene is his next playground as we will discuss. The idea of ‘being your own boss’ is becoming more realistic, since we are now in a generation where nearly everything is done online. Joseph Lizyness (MBA) is the co-founder of Eagle Atlas Inc and has set out a Giraffeup challenge for all entrepreneurs just like himself to achieve their mission.

There are two roles for this; the angel investor who is willing to invest in the entrepreneur’s business idea, hoping it will be the next innovative idea that will bring success and the entrepreneur who relies on the investment in order for his idea to pick up. Giraffeup offers the connection between the two. His investment in the entertainment industry is something that is about to take off. As a musician himself, Lizyness has a special interest. 

Joseph Lizyness can offer a lot of wisdom, given his years of experience in different roles such as being a management consultant with an active TS/SCI security clearance and being a program control and facility security officer. We have asked Joseph some questions about angel investing and what tips he can give us to the world of entrepreneurship.

Why is the music industry appealing to investors?

“Well, we had an explosion of channels – digitally – which removes the elitist approach to the music industry. It has democratized the market for both artists and fans. There is a wider spread towards the bottom of the pyramid when one considers the new artists and their earning potential. That opportunity together with my own passion for music means that it is something special. Seeing the people we support making it big on Spotify, iTunes and all these amazing channels is a sense of achievement to all stakeholders who back them” 

What can Giraffeup offer?

“Here at Giraffeup we believe that it is important for everybody to have the opportunity to embrace the passion in their lives and achieve the aspiring goals that they have. At Giraffeup, we are here to help teach them everything that they need to know. Since we can offer advice from our own experience, we can guarantee you the first step to your success.  We want to open up as many physical locations as possible in every major city and have people that believe in our statement stand by us.”

What would you advise a startup angel investor?

“The most important thing is to first treat it like an investment and develop your own investment with your own time management. If you need help from people, don’t be afraid to ask. Always do your research and always focus on the people who are in the company that you are investing in. Try to invest in different projects in different fields, that way you have a wider portfolio and that can attract more entrepreneurs.”

Any other fast-moving business people to watch in the U.S?

“Too many to mention. But I would say Michael Stemley, the author of “WEALTH POWER RESPECT” is onto some interesting concepts in his book – and small entrepreneurs without an MBA should look at literature like that. We need more powerful examples for young people today. To create believe again”. 

What are the two factors that an entrepreneur has to consider?

“It is important to have clarity on what you want to achieve and be clear about your realistic goals. Make sure that you have a strategic plan written and you follow them step by step. At Giraffeup, we also encourage people to step forward and announce their action plan to their family and friends. Social media is also the perfect tool to promote your idea there. Just don’t give up on your idea, because there will always be someone who has a similar mindset to you and will want to invest.”

Where can ambitious entrepreneurs find out more information about this?

“We have our website up and running, where you can purchase a digital kit for just $4.99. You can also support us through the gofundme page if you want to be part of the new innovative approach that we offer to all of the entrepreneurs out there. You can also schedule an appointment with our consultant Dusty Walker, who will give you guidance on the free blueprint that you will receive once you sign up with us.”

Our say

As an angel investor, it is important to focus on investing in a company that has great principles and values, as well as a team that is solid and has a strong structure. There will naturally be glitches at the very start, especially if the company is brand new. There are many entrepreneurs who want to succeed in life and with help from Giraffeup, that can finally happen. However, as an angel investor, before you do go ahead and invest, make sure that you are ready and that you can afford to lose the money. You can never know what could go wrong with a new company, even though it is always best to be optimistic, you have to also be realistic and prepared for anything. 

As a startup angel investor, investing money itself isn’t just the only thing that will bring you success. You have to take your time to invest in the company itself and the people too. Don’t be scared to diversify your portfolio and invest in different ideas in all kinds of fields. Just like the first steps for an entrepreneur, it can be hard to get started as a first-time angel investor. With the advice from the successful co-founder Joseph Lizyness, you will always achieve no matter what. 

It can be hard to find success right away, but with companies such as Giraffeup, you are given the opportunity to find entrepreneurs who are just as thirsty as you are in order to succeed.

Bonus – We found a list of some of the most successful startups backed by Lizyness:

-JetToken (private air travel an app like UBER)

-StartEngine (equity crowdfunding portal)

-BrewDog (craft beer)

-R3 Printing (3D printer)

-Knightccope (robot security)

-Snowball Money (app for investing and I think could become huge like Robinhood)

-Upshift (app for car rental and could be bought by UBER in the future)



Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.




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