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How to Improve Your Mental Health with Social Media According to Dark Joseph Ravine

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How to Improve Your Mental Health with Social Media According to Dark Joseph Ravine

Mental health is a tricky topic for many people. We all have mental health, and we all must work to consistently improve it. However, the world we live in is full of distractions that may impede on that progress, sometimes detrimentally. Still, you can and should be proactive with improving your mental health. Many would falsely assume that eliminating social media from your daily routine completely is the solution for a squeaky-clean noggin. This is far from the case, though. Social media provides many useful tools and resources to positively impact your mental health for the long haul–you simply must know where to look. 

Curating your social media feed takes time and effort, but social media celebrities like Dark Joseph Ravine have made it their mission to help you improve your mental health. The simple power of kindness can go a long way, and Dark Joseph Ravine has become a master at the craft. After releasing his children’s book, Watch Out! It’s Nolan, he has built his career on a stable foundation, understanding that mental health is a serious subject and should be handled accordingly.

“People don’t take it seriously enough,” says Ravine. “They’ll talk about how everyone’s addicted to it. We’d treat any other addiction with time, care, and empathy. Why is social media any different?”

Still, he also believes that social media can be a powerful tool to improve your mental health, rather than harm it. By curating your social media feeds to be a positive outlet, you can engage with your hobbies and interests, ultimately establishing a unique community of like-minded individuals. Many people create life-long very real friendships by engaging with social media “fandoms.” Regardless of what you’re a fan of, there will be a group of people already waiting for you on each social media platform.

“Communities, in general, have shifted in a huge way. There are groups of people who hang out every day on Discord. It’s pretty amazing,” says Ravine.

Everyone can, and should, have an enjoyable experience on social media. It’s tough, though, when it seems like everyone is always talking over each other. By implementing these techniques, which Ravine uses himself, it’s possible to use your social media as a blessing, rather than a curse. After all, it’s often better to adjust with the times, rather than go against them. Again, you don’t need to follow trends, but you can move to the beat of your own drum with a community who supports you.

Ravine has established his own, incredible, supportive community of followers. He’s true to his mantras, ensuring that people who meet him IRL would be experiencing the same person they see behind the screen.

His brand, Kindness for Success, dreams of a world where everyone can authentically be themselves while acting kindly to others. Additionally, kindness towards others begins with kindness from within. When you’re your own biggest cheerleader, you’re able to motivate others, whether that is by indirectly or directly spreading uplifting energy.

On social media, you can do this by following Joseph’s lead. Ensuring your posts are positive and your feed is too, establishes your social media presence as a pivotal tool for improved mental health.  “Anyone can do it,” says Ravine. “And I hope everyone tries.”

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