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How Kyle Braymen is Blending Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship

How Kyle Braymen is Blending Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship
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How Kyle Braymen is Blending Hip-Hop and Entrepreneurship

Kyle Braymen is creating his wave in the LA music scene by bringing artists together to create. The freshman artist started his business this summer by renting out sky-rise apartments on Air Bnb and eventually, beautiful multi-bedroom estates around Los Angeles County to shoot video content for other artists. What made this business launch so successful was one thing: he did it all for free.

“I didn’t know anybody in the music industry so I thought of a way I could bring people the most value. Rented out a dope space, bought a camera, and then offered to take 4K video content for people. I found tons of other creators on Instagram that wanted to be a part of it, and just sent DMs trying to provide value to other artists I wanted to work with!”

It clearly worked as Kyle Braymen was able to expand his network and grow his team by showing everyone his vision. In the music industry, there’s nothing more valuable than having a team to support each other. “The business is expanding into other areas now too, we have other artists that we are collaborating and strategizing with. @Ft_Milian250k is a new fast friend of mine who is working with us and allowing me to help grow his career.

The teamwork has been invaluable because we elevate each other and encourage cross-promotion. I also can’t forget to give some love to my business partner @Ricothewise for helping me to design these systems and execute on our vision. Our 4th team member @OkaySage was there for all of it to help with BTS content and audio engineering as well.”

But what exactly is the business that Kyle Braymen is creating?

“I don’t think it’s so much a business as it is a team of creators wanting to partner with artists to help them brand themselves professionally and create real music careers. Of course, we needed a service to pay the bills and give us a foundation, so we got really good at directing and designing music video content. But what Rico, Sage, Milian & I are really trying to build is an ecosystem where artists can collaborate and create with a team of people that will give them the tools to be successful in an unforgiving industry.”

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Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

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