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Fresh New Talent Bela Snow Talks About Love For Her Craft, Style and More.

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Fresh New Talent Bela Snow Talks About Love For Her Craft, Style and More.

Bela Snow is a fresh new talent, who appears to have it all! A great voice​​​​​​, with some serious songwriting chops. She creates lyrics that are deep yet fun, with endless sexy hooks and melodies! She sounds just as awesome in her live performances as she does on her songs. A beautiful girl both inside and out, that friendly, warm, vibe with a sexy edgy flair.

Bela was singing and writing songs ever since she could form a complete sentence. Music was and still is her life! Music has healed her broken heart, made her happy when she was sad, gave her a voice when she felt she needed one. It has gotten her through all the tough times that we all experience and has been the source of pure fun and happiness in good times. A great love song or a deeply sad one can make you feel so many emotions. That is what Bela Snow wants for her music to do, make you feel…!

Her musical genre is generally and overall “pop”. She was influenced by and listens to so many different styles, genres, and artists. She often say’s,” I don’t wanna be stuck in just one genre and that’s not what music is today anyway!” I can crossover and work with so many people, producers, and DJs. I want for people to not really know what I will do next and surprise them, I love surprising people and making people happy! It’s my favorite!”

Having been bullied from a young age, Bela has really used her writing to get her through the self-doubt, the pain, and the body image issues. She writes about these topics and more. She feels it’s important to use music to help others and let people know they are not alone. Sometimes with sad songs and sometimes with a song of empowerment!

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How did you come by your stage name?

My name is Bela Snow it is my name in translation from Portuguese. I have used it as a stage name and now I have changed it legally since it is who I am. I have had people tell me to change it and I just always feel like I was born to be Bela Snow! My mom is American and my dad is Portuguese, I love them both but I wanted my own identity and it just came to me strongly. I love snow, in general, it’s beautiful pristine and everyone loves it, maybe not to drive in or shovel but who doesn’t love snow?

I also love snowflakes they are each different and I feel like my fans will be all so different since my music is very different in my own taste and in my own style. I have basic genres pop, r&b, alternative pop, neo-soul, but I don’t wanna be stuck or pigeonholed I wanna express myself and what I am feeling and that changes.

I get told you need one genre you need one brand, but I do have one brand, that’s me and I am gonna change as I get older and experience new things and I love so many different genres and although I can’t do all of them I would love to explore music in any way I can! If I could get to work with all or any of the artists I love I would in or out of my genre. I can’t necessarily sing hard rock but I like a lot and would collaborate with a rocker in a heartbeat as long as I am making music I love and am proud of I am all in.

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

I have been singing and writing songs ever since I could sing or write. It was my dream immediately and felt like my destiny, I have been bullied as a child and even today, so it was my outlet and both the bullying and music as my escape and medicine have made me who I am today.

It has given me my voice and I believe it is my purpose and to give a voice to others and show that even if you are bullied to be strong, to love not to hate and don’t let other people bring you down. When I tell people I was and still have bullies bothering me they feel bad and think that I am a victim, but I have always stuck up for myself and others and have tried to move beyond it.

Some of my bullies have matured and apologized and I have forgiven them and we are good. Some still hate me and try to hurt me with posts and comments but I don’t let it bother me. It makes me stronger and I fight harder! I have always known that music would be my career! My mom and dad have been supportive of always.

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

I guess I would say I am a fusion and my style depends on what I am doing and if performing where I am performing. I love being cool and sassy, I love dressing sexy too since I used to be heavier and worked really hard to get the body I have now. I love to dress up and be girly or classy.

It all depends, but I would say the overall style I get from a fusion of all the artists I look up to and admire. There are so many and they all have unique styles. They too have changed over the years. I would say I like hip streetwear with a sexy flair. I like tight-fitting because I am proud of my body, I was bullied and made to feel ashamed of it, so I really embrace it now and I am proud of the hard work I did to get where I am now!

I would love to design a clothing line and I would design for all sizes, I did dress sexy when I was heavier and a lot of times I felt great and thought I looked awesome but it was others telling me I didn’t but I got through it and it’s only now that I realize, like my idol Christina Aguilera sings, I am beautiful no matter what they say! So obviously I am in a better place and I hope to provide that for my fans, the hope and show that you can get through and overcome.

On your upcoming project, how did you come up with the concept?

I have been working on my music forever but the last two years I have written the most and really dug into my craft. I did those 10,000 hours they say you need to, but I still need more! I began working with people and then found my current team and leading up to submitting my package to record labels they said I could finally put out some original music.

I started with a Christmas album with my original song Under my tree and have learned making the music is only the first step, now it is getting it heard! I have my EP Take it all Back dropping Jan 3rd at midnight and my single Just my type presales on iTunes on Jan 6th and drops on Jan 17th, 2020. I recorded some covers in English and two Portuguese songs for my dad, so all good things coming.

I am working on my next releases and all my sites. I am very busy and I love it! The concept for all my music is written from the experience of mine or someone I know. Take it all back was based on personal experience from a while ago and Believe it When I see it was based on how I felt when someone disappointed me when I didn’t expect them to and they promised they wouldn’t disappoint me again.

Just my type was actually inspired by the character in the book After also a film. I love the love story and the male character Harden, so I wrote it and sent it to the author Anna Todd hoping to get it in the next movie but I haven’t heard anything so I don’t know if it actually got to her.

The Portuguese songs are my parent’s favorite songs and I love them as well, Cancao do Mar was in a feature film, Primal Fear with Edward Norton and Richard Gere and Lusitano Paixao which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991, both songs are by Dulce Pontes a famous Portuguese singer whom I love.

I have a lot of songs I have written about my past friendships, relationships, family and how I was feeling at a particular time. I may or may not still feel that way but either way, writing is very cathartic for me and I do believe even if I didn’t sing I would be writing for other singers and maybe writing books as well.

I love to write just as much as I love to sing and perform. Music has helped me get through stuff, get over stuff, get the anger out, empower myself and others. I absolutely love it! I have so many songs completed so now it’s just recording them and releasing them at the right time or moment and being unsigned right now I am just doing what I can to get my music heard. I have enough material to put out a song every month.

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What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

My greatest challenges are that I trust and love deeply and I love love! I love and believe in people and I think everyone loves like me. I think everyone is loyal and cares as much as I do, and a lot of the times I get hurt by friends and guys. I have learned as did Miss Taylor Swift that I can get some good songs from lessons learned, heartache, as well as falling in love.

I do get sad some times and depressed I can let it throw me but one thing I can say is my greatest attribute is that even if I just got kicked in the gut and hurt real bad I can get up and perform for my audience. One time I had my heart broken right before I had a live performance and I went out and killed it then I got in the car with my mom and balled my eyes out! But I performed great and no one knew my heart was in pieces.

I love to overcome and I hate people who hurt me on purpose or unintentional to win so I just get this strength at those moments. I am not supergirl though I do then have to process and grieve whatever it is that I have lost. I usually do it through music. Music is really like medicine for me. I cannot see myself doing anything else for a living I never have.

I have people ask me about what college I am going to and when I say I am not especially if they know me and my mom they know I am a good student and the importance my mom puts on my grades but she also wants me to be happy most of all and believes in my talent and supports me in every way she can. My dad is more traditional and thinks I should do what everyone else does, he is less of a risk-taker, he’s a hard worker and believes in a nine to five job.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

I think I am the best at what I do, which is to make my music. So I am not conceited to think I am the best singer in all music or the best writer but I think I do my best and I am the best at being me if that makes sense. I love so many singers and when I was younger I would try to sing like them or want to be them, but now I still love and worship them and wish to work with them someday.

I don’t want to be them I want to be the best me I can be! I want to make the best music I can make. I want to say things that matter to me and to others. I want to say things that maybe I shouldn’t but I have to say to live. I want to make people feel and think and laugh and cry and sing to my songs.

I want to do so much and I just hope I can do it. It is hard to make music, I mean I can write some songs in 10 minutes but the cost of a song from start to finish is where it gets hard. I am really good at making the music and the vision and the art part but still learning the business end of things.

I thank God for my mom she helps me with everything and she is still learning herself. The fact that she handles the business stuff allows me the freedom to really focus on writing songs.

What are your plans for the near future?

My plans for the future are to keep making music and to become a huge star! I want to get married and have a lot of kids, I love to love and I love kids! I want to release music constantly and I want to have my family tour with me.

I love performing live and being on stage and the energy and validation of what I am performing especially if it’s my music. So I would love that! I want to just learn more, do better, collaborate with all of my idols both male and female!

I have people who I want to meet and who I want to make things happen for. People I love who I wanna help in their life, medical cause I want to raise awareness to and support. I really do want to make things better for so many people so I hope I can!

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Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?

First I always thank God for blessing me with the gifts he has given me and for my family. I especially always thank my mom. She has been my number one fan since the day I was born! She has continued to be my fan with music too.

We share the love for music and singing and songwriting and so I am sure that’s why she is so supportive, but she never pushed me into this she just pushed me when I doubted myself because of others. She is so much more confident of a person than me but never had the confidence in her singing or music to stick with it and met my dad and got married and kind of left it as a hobby.

I appreciate my dad always working hard as a carpenter and providing so that my mom could take me to singing events and support me so much. She spent a lot of time with me and sometimes that was at his detriment. All my friends who have supported me, they know who they are.

I want to thank all the people who bullied me and who still hate me because like Cardi B said, “they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it but it benefits me haha!” I do get strength from the haters because it like fuels the fire in me and gets me to be like I am gonna make them eat their words, I am going to prove them wrong!

How can fans find you?

Fans can find me on my website and subscribe so that they can stay up to date on new music, shows, merch, and any news at all! They can find me and follow me on Spotify, iTunes, and all music platforms!

They can find me on all my social media at Bela Snow. I will post any show dates on my website. I have a youtube channel they can subscribe to Bela Snow. I really wanna do live streams and get to interact and talk with fans I was and still am a major fangirl!

I love going to concerts and seeing artists and I want to do big shows but want to do meet and greets and talk with fans because I just love to meet people I am a fan of. I want to and can’t wait to have someone sing my song back to me like I have sung so many songs at concerts to the idols I love in music and authors too.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?

I would say, Never give up! Believe in yourself! Spend the time on what it is you wanna do whether it sings or writing or both. Get mentors, learn and listen to people who have done it! Listen to people who are older because they are wiser because they are older, they have been there done that and made the mistakes already and earned from them! Take care of yourself ! Get a team! You can’t do it alone! Find people who you can trust! try to work with the best you can. I am still learning so I guess keep learning and be willing to listen and learn.

Upcoming Event:

Bela Snow will be live at the Delancey Jan 4th, 2020 at 8 pm. Her originals EP Take it all back that dropped tonight and new single Just my type as well as some other surprises (unreleased originals coming soon) and some covers by some of her favorites like Billie Eilish, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Pink, Avril Lavigne & more! Tickets available at and Eventbrite.

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