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Dj Iceman’s Double Whammy


Dj Iceman’s Double Whammy

So leave it up to DJ Iceman to end the year with a bang. today he drops his last beat tape of the year (The Big Boss Beatz Tape Vol 3) on all platforms AND he releases his new book (Producer Tips To Know: TIPS TO HELP THE NEW PRODUCER GET BY) On Amazon. “This is something cool for the fans and other producers, this way its a win for everybody” And Dj Iceman says he has bigger plans for next year.

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The Big Boss Beatz Tape Vol 3 (Spotify)
You Can Pick up the Book On Amazon
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Dj Iceman-Master Of Beatz Vol 3

Robert Anderson aka DJ Iceman is a Brooklyn born Dj and producer. He started his DJ career in 1982 when he got his uncle's old DJ equipment for the next 30+ years. He has DJed for many artists such as KRS One, Heavy D, and a host of others. he started producing in 2017 and is a member of 5 Wu-Tang affiliated groups. he is an active writer and blogger and has been so since 2010.




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