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Discrete, Kiesza, Ouse & Dylan Fuentes Release Shimmering “Drown In Me”

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Discrete, Kiesza, Ouse & Dylan Fuentes Release Shimmering “Drown In Me”

Swedish dance-pop producer Discrete unveils his brand-new single/music video, “Drown In Me,” via Astralwerks.

“Drown In Me” features the dazzling vocals of pop star Kiesza, Icelandic singer-songwriter Ouse, and Colombian artist/actor Dylan Fuentes.

“Drown In Me” relates the vulnerability of love, delving into falling “in and out of love” and how romance is fraught with unexpected pitfalls.

Written in 2019, the weirdness of 2020 gave the track a whole new meaning, including the importance of human connection.

Discrete explains, “This record wouldn’t have turned out the way it did if it wasn’t for the lockdowns across the world.”

He goes on to add, “I’ve never met Ouse, Dylan, or Kiesza in person. They all contributed to the song remotely from their part of the world, and I think that uniqueness gives the song a special global feel. Although lockdowns put a stop to many things in our lives, they’ve also proven that passion for music will never die.”

During 2020, Discrete kept the creative juices flowing, dropping his debut EP, Explore, teeming with vibrant, infectious dance tracks, allow him to show his unique amalgamation of glistening momentum and magnetic pop flavors. He also released a number of singles, including the refreshing pop-house song “In My Heart,” on which he collaborated with another Swedish star – Pawl. With over 5.5 million streams on Spotify, Discrete elevated to the top tier of dance music.

“Drown In Me” begins on low-slung twirls of coloration, followed by smooth, smoldering vocals supported by a thick, vibrating rhythm. Rippling textures imbue the harmonics with sensuous washes of color, as the stellar voices give the lyrics intimate tangs.

The video, which is eyepopping and rife with dark energy, shows the ups and downs of love as the characters find themselves immersed in the riptides of romantic affection.

Discrete has it going on! “Drown In Me” is an audio-visual gem.

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