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Derik Fay: A Businessman / Philanthropist Who Pursues Giving As Much As Profits!

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Derik Fay: A Businessman / Philanthropist Who Pursues Giving As Much As Profits!

Over the past two decades of his career journey, Derik Fay has achieved what most of us can only dream of. Fay has built, partnered, and provided partnership and capital resources to countless brands. By doing has created a net worth approaching a quarter billion dollars.

Despite his wealth, success, and now being one of the most talked about entrepreneurs in the country, Derik Fay has never held back from sharing his fortune with all the people around him. While donating and participating in countless charitable initiatives, he himself is heading a number of philanthropic entities as well.

How did a young man with no financial base make it to the top of the business world?

Derik Fay came from very humble beginnings. Still, it was his undying spirit which kept him going despite of all the hardships and struggles that come with high aspirations.

At the age of 22, Fay successfully launched 3F Management, a business that is now 20 years old.

As the CEO and founder of this company, having employed over 20,000 employees, and having amassed over $1 billion revenues allows some flexibility in choosing who the next partner or business will be. Fay says, “ our success now allows me to focus on entrepreneurs and businesses vision and potential versus the profitability day 1. This has lead to some amazing partnerships” Fay further says,

“The lifeblood of this company, and what still excites me every day, is the desire to partner with young and exciting entrepreneurs.”

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